Guessing on burnt paper and other ways to know the future

Spiritual development

Divination - since ancient times one of the bestways to know the future, as well as the attitude of other people to the fortune-teller. There are a lot of them, but one of the simplest and most interesting is the divination on paper.

Many people liked the fortune telling on the burnt paper,divination by a man's name, etc. They do not require special skills, are easy to perform and show interesting results. These fortune-telling can be used by young girls, as well as by adult women. The most mysterious and creative, perhaps, is a fortune-telling on burned paper. This method requires a good imagination, since the fate of the fortuneteller is revealed by the shadows left by the paper on the wall. It is recommended to perform it at midnight during the Christmas season (7.01 - 19.01). You will need: a thin paper (for example, a newspaper), matches, a glass of water, a plate and a candle. Crumple the paper, giving it a round shape, put a lump on the plate. Now light the candle wick from the match, start burning the paper from different sides. When it burns well, but it leaves the shape, that is, it does not turn into ashes, it is necessary to extinguish the paper. Do not blow on it or extinguish it with another sharp impact, as it can damage the image. Dip your fingers in the water and, spraying drops from them, gradually put out the paper. Now turn off the light, bring the plate to the wall, hold the candle beside you. Begin deciphering the shadow cast by the burnt paper. In order to understand what fate is predicting to you in the form of shadows appearing on the wall, you need to peer into every detail. Well, if you do not spend guessing on burnt paper alone, then it will be easier to see all the interesting images.

Write down everything that you saw, then toa tranquil setting to decipher the picture. Help understand the meaning of each image of the usual dream book. For example, if a young girl, performing fortune-telling on burnt paper, saw a bear figure in the shadows, then soon a fan will appear in her surroundings. Or, if she clearly sees the male shadow, she will soon meet her love. A flower means a fast marriage. The cross is a big trouble, which, probably, will concern also close people.

The interpretation of fortune telling on burnt paper is enoughsimple, so do not be afraid of a long list, which eventually forms. Try to relate the predictions to each other, and you will have a full picture of the near future.

There are other fortune telling for girls on paper. For example, guessing on male names. It is carried out before bedtime. Take a few small pieces of paper of the same size and handle. Write on each man's name. Put the leaves under the pillow and go to bed. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, run a hand under the pillow and take out the first paper that was caught. The name that is written on it will be worn by your betrothed.

Another method of divination requires someculinary abilities. Take a few small pieces of paper, write on them the names of men. Now prepare the dough from the water and flour. Slice the dough into small pieces. Take each piece of dough and add a piece of paper with the name as a filling. It turns out a kind of dumplings. Now cook them, watch out for the one that pops up first. As soon as one of the dumplings has risen on the surface, immediately catch it with a spoon and cool it. Open the dumpling - the name that is written in it, will wear your narrowed.

Divination by desire is popular. Take two sheets of paper of the same size, fold them into squares. One square with a pen. Now, make a guess on which of them will come true, and which one does not. Throw out both squares at the same time from the window, watch which one falls first. If the square is "yes", then the desire will come true, and if the square is "no", then the conceived will not come true. Choose any method you like and find out bravely about your future.

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