What does the shooting look like: the interpretation of the vision

Spiritual development

Sometimes our dreams are like action movies - there is chasing, shooting, and trying to escape. In a dream, you can shoot both you and other characters. So let's try to figure it out, to what the shooting shoots.

Interpretation from the Modern Dream Book

The solution of sleep depends on various nuances, says this dream book. Shoot you can also yourself, or you can just hear distant sounds of shooting. In the Modern Dream Book every version of such a night vision has its own interpretation:

  • if you hear single shots in a dream - wait for important news;
  • if you yourself shoot in your dream - get the long-awaited opportunity to ease the soul;
  • shooting in a dream without stopping - you can be overtaken by life's misfortunes.

what is the shooting about?

Interpretation on the dream book of Miller

Miller's dream interpretation of what the shooting is about is interpreted unfavorably.

  • Watching a shootout of several people in a dream can mean a lot of troubles that will be difficult to overcome.
  • If the sounds of shots are heard from afar, andthe dreamer does not see the shooters at the same time, then failures will not overtake you so soon. But you are warned and should be ready for them. Otherwise, troubles can take you by surprise.
  • If you just see a shooting person in a dream, then this can serve as a sign to you that it is time to achieve the goal. To do this you will need a lot of strength and perseverance.
  • And here sleep, skirmish in which a girl dreams, in real life can lead to problems with the lover or with her husband. And the case may end in a break.

Dream Book

Interpretation on the dream book of Vanga

Wangi's dream interpretation of such visions is interpreted more severely.

  • A dream in which several people made a shootout may mean the approaching hungry times.
  • Also, shooting in a dream, according to Vanga's interpretation,portends very difficult times in family life. And if you participate in military operations and shoot at the enemy, soon a misfortune can come to you and your relatives. But if you yourself fell into the fire under fire, wait a lot of trouble. In this case, your failures will affect your family and friends.

Dreamer of Dmitry and Hopes of Winter

Dmitry and Nadezhda Winter then, what is the shooting about?, treat a little differently, in contrast to the two previous sources.

dream of shooting

  • Uncontrolled chaotic shooting in night dreamsa dreamer can become a symbol of quarrels and conflicts. After such a dream you need to be as attentive to your actions and deeds, as a quarrel can lead to a very insignificant reason.
  • If in a dream you carefully aimed, before shooting, then this is a good sign. It can become a symbol of the fact that you are ready to realize important intentions.

what does a gunfight shoot about?

What does the shooting shoot in the interpretations of various dream books?

If you look at a few other dream books, there you can find other explanations for shooting in dreams.

  • Take, for example, Chinese dream book. Shoot himself in someone for him portends a long way. If in a dream they shoot at you - wait for the guests to arrive.
  • The Gypsy dream book interprets shooting in a dream as your readiness to realize what you long dreamed of.
  • According to the Family Dream Book, heard sounds of shotsin a dream can become a harbinger of quarrels with someone you love. And the quarrel can happen due to your imprudence. Another Family Dream interprets such a dream as your dissatisfaction with the results of your work. And here what does a gunfight shoot about? near your home, in this interpreter is interpreted so that your friends quarrel because of you through your fault.
  • According to the Newest Dream Book, shooting in a dream can mean that you will quarrel with neighbors or colleagues.
  • His interpretation of such night visions and gives the American Dream Book. If you are shot in a dream, then in reality you feel that someone is trying to invade your life.

dream of shooting

The meaning of sleep depends on the type of weapon

To explain the dream in which the shooting was heard can be much more detailed if you remember what kind of a weapon you saw in a dream:

  • if you dreamed a rifle, then in real life you can meet obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • machine in a dream - you can avoid further deterioration of the state of their affairs;
  • I dreamed a machine gun - you can be dragged into a deliberately failed business.

After reading carefully the interpretation of the various dream booksdreams, in which shooting was heard, you can pay attention to the fact that the same dreams can not be interpreted by them in the same way. Therefore, if such a night vision caused you to worry, consider several variants of interpretation, compare the nuances seen in the dream, and, perhaps, your dream will not be so bad. But if the interpretation still promises you failures, in reality try to be more vigilant and attentive. Perhaps this will help you avoid trouble.

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