1981 - the year of which animal on the horoscope?

Spiritual development

Horoscope - this is another way betterlearn yourself, understand your "I". In this article we will talk about 1981 - the year of which animal. And also about what can be said about people born at this time.

1981 of which animal

The main rule

First of all, I would like to remind those whoknows, and tell those who do not know yet that in the East the year begins a little at a different time than ours. When you understand 1981, the year of which animal, it is worth remembering that in China it begins not on January 1, as it is customary to celebrate in our country, but from February 5. Therefore, the Rooster enters his domain only from this date. People born in January and from 1 to 4 February 1981 will remain Monkeys. However, the Rooster will not leave his post until January 24, 1982. People born at this time will not be Dogs (as they could imagine), but will remain under the influence of the Rooster.


Dealing, 1981 - the year of which animal byhoroscope, it is worth saying that it will not be just a Rooster, but a Silver or Metal Rooster. This is very important, since the additional characteristic will tell a lot about people born at this time.

1981 year of an animal on a horoscope

Briefly about Metal Cocks

1981 - what kind of animal does he representeastern calendar? The Metal Rooster. What can you say about such people in general? First of all, I want to draw attention to the fact that these people are honest, charming and incredibly strong in spiritual terms. To break such a person is unlikely anyone will succeed (strength betrays the metallic nature of this sign). An important point: people born this year, very quickly have others around them. They have no enemies, there are practically no envious people. However, the negative feature of Metal Roosters is a lack of endurance. These people can break down on trifles, later in the same and repenting.

About the character

We study further on 1981. What kind of animal he represents - figured out. What can be said about the nature of such personalities? So, these are people who are used to acting decisively. They are confident in themselves and in their abilities, often - they are really strong and competently evaluate their capabilities. It is important to say that the Metal Rooster is the strongest sign among its relatives. However, this often becomes a negative feature of such people. From a strong personality, the Rooster can easily turn into a cruel tyrant, who by his directness, excessive criticism and aggressive behavior is able to "drive" others away from himself. It should also be said that the representatives of this sign do not have enough flexibility. This is their main drawback. Also these are people who easily cope with failures, say goodbye to the past and look positively at the future. Speaking in general, the Rooster is more of a positive than a negative sign. These are people who are ready to give more than to receive in return. This basically attracts the circle of representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope.

horoscope 1981 of what animal

Working career

These are people who are used to setting goals andachieve them. The rooster will never leave the intended path, even if she does not seem so attractive after a certain time. The diligence of these people is simply amazing and even fascinating. Therefore, representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope can be engaged in business without any problems - success is provided for them. As for the relationship to wealth, the Metal Rooster will strive for this, realizing that material means is the path to a good life. However, for him the social position, as well as the opinion of others, is not important. If you can make good money with dirty work, the Rooster will take it easy. As for leadership positions, most often representatives of this sign turn out to be tyrants and dictators. However, they carry out their work in full measure, and at the enterprise they have order and discipline.

1981 of which animal compatibility

Love and marriage

So, the year 1981. What kind of animal does he represent on a horoscope? The Metal Rooster. What can you say about these people in terms of love? In a relationship, they are very demanding on their second half. The partner of the representative of this sign of the zodiac must be well-groomed, he simply must like others. And if in a career career the opinion of others is not important to him, then the second half of the Rooster should be admired by everyone. Also negative feature of such people in relations with the opposite sex is that they want to control everything, often limiting their partner in freedom. As for marriage, then the Rooster is set to complete devotion. However, the same will be demanded from his second half. What can I advise the representatives of this sign of the zodiac? More patience and tenderness, as well as less criticism - this is the key to the successful family life of the Metal Roosters.

1981 year of the animal in the eastern calendar


Understanding, 1981 - the year of which animal, the compatibility of the Rooster - that's about what else to say.

  1. Ideal partners: Bull, Dragon, Snake.
  2. Normal attitudes: Rooster, Rat, Dog, Rabbit.
  3. Contraindicated relationship with Sheep, Horse, Tiger, Monkey and Pig.


1981 - what kind of animal is characteristic herewill be relevant, sorted out: Metal Rooster. Also, I want to say a few words about the health of representatives of this sign of the zodiac. Since these people are very quick-tempered, they are often disturbed by the nervous system. Frequent stresses, unrest - all this will negatively affect the health of the Metal Roosters. There are also possible problems with the gastrointestinal tract. What can you advise such people? In the first place, more to relax. Also from time to time, conduct special relaxation procedures, which you need to learn in advance. It is also important to say that fast food and harmful food to the Rooster are simply contraindicated, this can lead to serious illnesses. Also it is not recommended for these people to eat on the run. The correct intake of food - this is what the representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope need to take care of.

 1981 of which animal by the horoscope characteristic

Rooster male

We consider further the horoscope. 1981 is the year of which animal? Rooster (and Metal). What can we say about men separately? So, in the male version, this sign of the eastern zodiac represents logic. However, often this becomes a problem, since it often does not coincide with reality. Hence the main problems of the strong representatives of this sign. It is also important to say that these people are active, they love when their efforts are noticed. In the family, a male Rooster tries to be a hero for his household. They also expect praise and support in all their endeavors. Also, men of this sign are very conservative and demanding.


1981 - the year of the animal in the easterncalendar? Rooster. What does this mean for beautiful ladies? So, in this variant it is a symbol of constant action. Such women will never sit still. Movement is typical for them. They fully fulfill their duties not only at home (at home), but also at work. In addition, such women are often leaders of the most diverse social movements. They have enough energy for that. The Rooster woman is very fond of the society of other ladies, so she will deal with those matters that require maximum contact with people.

1981 of what animal characteristic

However, this often becomes a problem. After all, to build a successful relationship with a man the girl, the representative of this sign, is very difficult. She will always try to participate in everything, often missing important moments of close relations with a partner. But still, my mother will be the best, she will give her children a maximum of material security and attention.

Weaknesses of Cocks

So, we understand, 1981 - the year of the animalhoroscope? The characteristics of the weak spots of representatives of this sign - that's about what else it is necessary to say. This is often trusting people, sometimes even naive. Therefore, at the dawn of their career, they can get into unpleasant situations. However, this will change with time, and life will harden the Metal Rooster. The fact that someone else will be in charge of it will be able to disable the representative of this sign. And, of course, the weakest place of such people is the creation of a family. Often this becomes a huge problem for representatives of this sign of the eastern zodiac.

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