Features of fortune telling on flowers

Spiritual development

Fortune telling on flowers is a predictivepractice, according to which the girls who received flowers as a gift from young people, determined their future and future prospects in relations with their beloved. This article will tell you about this romantic and at the same time mystical predictive tradition.

Flower predictions

Fortune telling on flowers has long been considered quitean interesting and effective technique for determining the future. Of course, this prediction practice has a rather narrow field of application - it is a love relationship.

It is believed that all flowers have their owntemperament, like men. After all, every man has his own character traits, and they are not so easy to understand. However, flowers can sometimes give good advice on how to behave with your lover. Fortune telling on the flowers of a loved one can give a very sensible and wise clue and answer questions that excite any representative of the fair sex.

What do certain flowers mean?

Consider the values ​​of some colors.

If in the process of guessing you dropped a jasmine flower or your chosen one gave you these flowers, then the young man has magnificent manners and fine taste.

fortune telling

He prefers beautiful women.He appreciates the beauty and well-groomed appearance of a woman, is able to admire his beloved. But he does not have a penchant for betrayal, he can not be called a womanizer. Such men do not tolerate sloppiness and mess in their home. They dedicate their lives to their profession and purpose. True, they will not pursue the awards, popularity and recognition of their achievements. Advice to a woman: with this person you can not afford to look neglected and talk on slang. Any sign of bad manners and a departure from the rules of etiquette will be noticed.

If during the relationship you were lucky enough to get tulips as a gift - this is a sign of male nobility.

fortune telling for girls on a flower

Despite this positive quality, such athe man is not very generous and pedantic. It can combine these opposite qualities. Such a man usually has a positive outlook on life, never loses interest in it and can achieve high results. Advice to a woman: you got a reliable and responsible man. However, do not expect that he will constantly provide signs of attention and compliments. But with him you can experience a lot of positive emotions, because he is able to arrange a very interesting leisure for a beloved woman.

Floral divinations

Rose is the most popular and beautiful plant,is one of the main love symbols in fortune-telling on flowers. It is believed that a man who gives a bouquet of roses, passionately in love with a woman. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that any rose has thorns. You should take a closer look at your beloved, without rushing into the pool of passion at once. Divination by love on rose flowers will help a woman to clarify a lot of questions.

Guessing for girls

Chamomiles made of paper are a great way to tell fortunes andhave fun. Such fortune telling for girls on a flower is suitable for the whole company. It is necessary to gather together with friends and draw a large chamomile on a sheet of paper, and on each petal write the boy's name and cut them. It is necessary to stir the petals in a box or bag. Let all the girlfriends at random take a petal - whose name is caught, and that girl likes it.

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