Mother's Prayer for the daughter is an unquenchable candle of love

Spiritual development

mother's prayer for her daughter

Sometimes it seems to us that we are very different from our children, lived differently, treated our parents better, more diligently fulfilled our duties.

1. Only kind words!

Looking at the behavior of our children, we tryproject everything to their youth, and we say: "In our time, young people were different, attentive and respectful!" Or maybe it's not worth hypocrisy, because we also once rude, offended. Yes, now we are ready to return everything and correct it. Unfortunately, life can not be repeated. And each of our rash steps is written down in the book of our conscience. The only thing we can do is help the child and give wise advice, but do not dictate. If things are really bad, and your child does not yield to any requests, turn to God. Ask for your daughter, in this we will help the mother's prayer about her daughter.

Orthodox mother's prayer for her daughter

In the words of prayer, we now and then hear: "Render, bless, help, guide the true path." After all, the request is an expression of love, and the desire to "put in place", "punish for sins" is completely out of place here. Why wish bad, because our child does wrong by his youth and inexperience. The Orthodox prayer of the mother for the daughter is based only on good, on the desire for happiness and peace for the child. There will come a moment in the life of our daughter when she too will ask her child for a better life, wisdom and happiness.

2. Great Happiness

Every woman on this earth exists forcontinuation of the family, and the main gift for her is the birth of a child. To fulfill your holy mission, you need to have strong health and purity of thoughts. The mother's prayer for the daughter's health is aimed at healing both mental and physical wounds. Mother's requests and appeals to the Lord will always accompany our girls in life, for there is an invisible connection between us, which no one can share. Old Slavonic prayers are difficult to learn and pronounce, but God hears our words, the main thing is that they should go from the heart and be sincere.

Before the mother's prayer begins to be read aboutdaughter, thank the Lord that he gave life to us and our children, forgives our sins, helps in a difficult moment. Praise the Mother of God, because she also experienced all the hardships of the maternal fate, and even more. Ask the Father, and he will hear. A girl, a woman, is going astray on her way. The words of the soul and the mother's prayer for the daughter are truly miraculous.

mother's prayer for daughter's health

3. Greater responsibility

Our time is very cruel, and the woman in the firstturn feel problems and lack of funds for life. After all, she thinks first of all about children. The main thing for every keeper of the home is the opportunity to feed and put the family to sleep well-fed and happy. But not everyone can withstand the hardships, and therefore depart from the norms of morality and morality. Do not throw lost women, help them. The mother's prayer for the daughter to the Lord will be that straw, for which the frustrated woman will seize. She will understand and stop, return to the house, stop drinking, walk and become completely different - a responsible, caring, loving mother and daughter. The main thing is to read the prayers and truly believe in the power of the words addressed to the Lord God.

We are mothers, and on us since the birth of the childlies the greatest responsibility that can be in the world - the child's life, the purity of his soul and thoughts. Responsibility, and at the same time a great pleasure to see our children happy, kind and decent.

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