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Spiritual development

year of goat

The year of birth leaves an imprint on the formation of personality. He to some extent determines the future fate of man. What is characteristic for those born in the year of the Goat?

Famous "Goats" Among the famous people,Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Pavel Filonov, Max Linder, Lev Durov, Valery Priemykhov, Coco Chanel, Alexander Pushkin, Carlos Castaneda, Edmund Hillary (the first conqueror of Everest), Yevgeny Abalakov, Philip Kirkorov.


Born in the year Goats usually differwit, quick reaction, harshness and nonsense. Mood swings can lead to the fact that from a completely calm person in a matter of seconds can turn into an angry fury.

These people are usually sensitive and weak-willed. If they have fun, they want to share it with the whole world with joy. But if a person born in the year of Goat grieves, he wants everyone around to be drowned in tears.

Most Goats, regardless of their location, do not know where their place is - on the dark or on the bright side of being. They do not even consider the middle.

Structure of fate

born in the year of goats
According to this indicator, the Goat is similar to the Cabana andRooster. Such people have a craving for change of places and anxiety. Psychologically, this manifests itself in the form of love for all unusual and rapid satiation with the usual things. This quality, in fact, can not be attributed to either the bad or the good. For example, politics will interfere, and the inventor, on the contrary, will help.

Born in the year of Goats often do not have enough of their ownideas, so they have to borrow, spy and sometimes steal from others. But this does not prevent such people from becoming inventors. So, the very idea of ​​wire communication existed for a very long time. But mankind did not need an idea, but an apparatus that really works. And the phone was invented by Alexander Bell (Goat).

Goat refers to signs with increasedsensitivity. They are in a child's state, their nervous system is thinned, immunity is weakened, but they can quickly get into the so-called. "thin world". It is easier for them to deepen the soul, easier to compassion.

man born in the year of goats
But such a person, despite his refinement and aesthetics, is often stubborn, dogmatic and self-centered. Also, many Goats are religious and pious.

A man born in the year of the Goat is usually differentbeauty. But their appearance is not pleasant to everyone - this beauty is rather thin and tender. A male goat usually keeps calm and confident. His posture, as a rule, is even, the figure is stately.

Goats love reliability and pay much attentiondetails. They are realists. But their "completion" permanently leaves them in the past. In the sphere of finance, such people are often economical, concrete and stingy. In the field of detection, goats feel fine, but in military matters - no. In politics, such people often make mistakes, short-sighted decisions.

Karmic for them is the year of the Tiger. At this time in the life of the Goats there are major changes. From its own decisions taken in this period, almost nothing depends.

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