Dream: what does a kiss with a guy dream about?

Spiritual development

Why dream of a kiss with a guy?The esoteric dream book says that if a girl sees such a dream, then she is expected to have an affectionate relationship and a gentle union, and not necessarily with the one who dreamed. According to the female dream book, if you kiss the enemy - then soon there will be reconciliation with the one who is dear. Why dream of a kiss with a guy that the girl did not see before? To the find. In the Ukrainian dream book there is information that such a dream portends a nuisance.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy?
Why dream of a kiss with a guy with whom a girlis in a relationship? To a pleasant pastime with someone close. If in a dream she saw, how a blessed kisses a strange girl, it is an omen of a major quarrel or even a break in relations.

If in a dream an unfamiliar girl kisses that guy,which dreams this vision, then she is not sure that her lover feels sincere feelings for her. If such a dream is repeated, it is likely that suspicions have a basis. Perhaps the pair will soon fall apart. If a girlfriend kissed a stranger, then soon there will be good changes in life.

According to the American dream book, a kiss means a deep communication with oneself and a mix of feminine and masculine. He can also symbolize that the girl will soon find unity.

A kiss in a dream - why?
According to the dream book of the twentieth century, a kiss is changeableform. He portends a meeting to those who are separated and parting to those who are close. A kiss in a dream - why? To the fact that soon, perhaps, the couple will have to part for a while. If a girlfriend kissed a stranger, then soon you should expect any fleeting connection or a short-term emotional outburst.

French dream book on the question of what is dreaminga kiss with a guy, responds that he is a fortune predictor, which will soon have to survive. To feel a kiss - after some time a joyful and unexpected event will happen.

On the English dream book to kiss someone who does not need it - it's bad. Perhaps one of the acquaintances will show hypocrisy. Maybe even the lover will not be who he said he was.

Why dream of a kiss with a beloved on the eastern female dream book? Unfortunately, to the full break of any relationship with him.

On the universal dream book, a kiss is a harbinger of an early pleasure.

A kiss is the most intimate way of communication. And it can be different. And the interpretation can be very different depending on what the kiss was.

Why does a kiss with a loved one
To kiss the cheek - someone in real lifewill need to be rewarded. In the hand - imbued with respect for someone. In the legs - someone will have to obey. A sensual and passionate kiss is a reflection of what the girl wants to give to the person she kissed. Interpretation also depends on the sensations. Farewell kiss or the one with which to start a new relationship? If the girl decided on such an act with a friend, with whom there is no close relationship, then this dream is a sign of unrealized desires. And the last meaning is in the dream book of Miss Hasse. If a girl receives a kiss, then she is separated from her beloved. If she kisses, it is a pleasant dream, signifying mutual feelings.

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