Compatibility signs: Sagittarius-woman - Taurus-male

Spiritual development

A Taurus man falls in love with a Sagittarius woman withfirst glance. He dreams of it in reality and in a dream, thinks out all sorts of ways to conquer it. He admires her irrepressible thirst for life, spontaneity and ease. She takes his courtship not immediately. In her youth, the Sagittarius woman has many novels, as she is very amorous, but a serious relationship for her is an infrequent phenomenon. Most likely, she's just afraid of disappointment. Having matured, she will become a good mother-householder, she will acquire an economy.

Sagittarius Woman - Taurus Male
Women-Sagittarius often notice in themselvesthe ability of the psychic, they dream dreams, the meaning of which they are able to interpret. This woman is naive, endowed with intuition, believes in love and miracles. She likes to argue, unlike the reserved Taurus.

Taurus is very noble and ready at any momentprovide her with the rear. But he is vindictive, can conceal an insult and someday remember it. Sometimes a Taurus man may show some suspicion as to whether the Sagittarius is faithful to him, but his excitement is in vain.

Union "Sagittarius-woman - Taurus-man" moresimilar to the attraction of two opposites. These partners can teach a lot to each other. The main thing that Sagittarius lacks is logic, practicality and consistency. This will teach her a reliable partner.

Sagittarius-woman, Taurus-male have mutualsexual attraction. Without any complexes, the Sagittarius woman is exactly the partner that is most needed for the passionate Taurus.

The relationship of these signs can not be called cloudless. Taurus is very difficult to reconcile with the desire of Sagittarius to try everything that appears in her life.

The union "woman-Sagittarius and Taurus-man" is possible,if partners pursue one goal and engage in one activity. Each of the spouses must clearly fulfill the assigned role, know what is within its competence and not intrude into the territory of its partner.

Sagittarius and Taurus-male

If the Sagittarius woman can satisfy herthirsting for more and more new impressions in the work, then, coming home, she will calmly fulfill the duties of the hostess. Taurus must moderate dictatorial habits and accept his chosen one with all her oddities, trying to pay attention to the best qualities of her beloved.

Partners Sagittarius-woman, Taurus-male canbecome a hindrance in the spiritual development of each other. The relationship of these signs resemble a tug of war. Sagittarius does not want to take on any obligations, is free from attachments and lives as it sees fit, while letting others do the same. The owner of Taurus, restrained by nature, not a fan of long explanations and having a male endurance, sooner or later it starts to strain.

Woman Sagittarius and Taurus
Sagittarius-woman, Taurus-man can be togetherFor a long time, if Taurus takes control of the situation and tries to reason with Sagittarius. He must teach the representative of the fire element at least some consistency and stability.

A Sagittarius woman and a Taurus man can be happy together, and over the years their love of passion will not cool down if one of them does not seek entertainment on the side.

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