The Stone of Venus. Rutile quartz: healing and magical properties

Spiritual development

You rarely meet a person who is absolutely indifferent to the world of magic. Most of the townsfolk dreamed at least once

  • to look beyond the curtain of the other world;
  • learn your future;
  • to draw luck, wealth or health.

Skeptics will laugh at the young girls whoguess at the betrothed-ryazhenogo on the eve of Christmas, but even they are hard to deny the unique strength and properties of stones. For this reason, when choosing jewelry from natural materials, one should be guided not only by their effectiveness. It is necessary to make sure that they are suitable for the owner in energy, temperament and the sign of the Zodiac. From this article you can find out who rutile quartz is suitable for as a talisman. And also about his healing and magical abilities.

Many names of one stone

Rutile quartz is credited with a lot of properties,useful to the owner. He stands out among his fellow men and unusual appearance: inside the rock crystal as if small needles or thin hair are enclosed. In fact, this effect is achieved due to impregnations of crystals of other minerals, most often rutile, less often:

  • actinolite;
  • goetta;
  • black tourmaline.

rutile quartz

For this reason, in the people this kind of rock crystal is known more as a "quartz-hairy". Sometimes you can hear unusual nicknames of stone - hedgehog or needle.

Quartz with spike-like inclusions of any colors is given the romantic name of "Amur (or Cupid) arrow". It is believed that such a mineral will serve men better.

Classic rutile quartz is also called"The hair of Venus." These are stones of excellent quality, which are more suitable for the female half of humanity. Externally, "the hair of Venus" is a transparent rock crystal with thin golden threads of rutile. This is the most expensive kind of quartz.

rutile quartz magical properties

"Legendary" stone

The poetic name "the hair of Venus" stone is foundthanks to a beautiful ancient legend. Many centuries ago the goddess of love decided to swim in a mountain spring. At the same time, she was so carried away that she did not notice how she lost a strand of her luxurious hair. The goddess came to her senses, already on Olympus. But to return the lost curl it was not possible: on the Earth there has come a winter time of year, and water in a source has frozen. The strands in the ice looked so delicious that Venus decided to share this beauty with the whole world. She turned the frozen water into rock crystal, and her own hair became the best addition to the stone.

Since then, rutile quartz has patronized lovers and is considered the most effective privolotnym means.

The Stone of Venus for Love

A logical result of the connection of a hairless person with namesVenus and Cupid became the attribution to this mineral of the ability to create the most desired feeling in the world. Men's stones ("Cupid's arrows") can inflame passion, love like Eros. The most suitable way to achieve this goal is to give it to your chosen one. If you wear a ring with rutile quartz, it will forever save the owner from loneliness in his personal life.

ring with rutile quartz

Women's stones are meant for awakeningsensuality and tenderness. "The hair of Venus" contribute to the emergence of a more sublime, sincere and luminous feeling. And the best of its features: the ability to give the main love in a person's life - to himself. It is believed that the "hair of Venus" can enhance self-esteem, which changes the aura of their owner. He seems to shine from within, which makes a person much more attractive and increases his chances for the rapid development of relations with his half. To create such an effect, a quartz-hairy should be worn constantly. Best on the chest, near the heart, in the form of a suspension.

quartz hairworm

Rutile quartz: magical properties

But not only people who want to find love attractthe stone of Venus. Hair has long been considered a guide to the world of finer materials. For this reason, even the ancient Egyptian priests used rutile quartz, the magical properties of which facilitated immersion in trance. Popular use of rock crystal with impregnations of other minerals for spiritual practices today. It is believed that he

  • promotes the development of intuition;
  • can open or strengthen the gift of clairvoyance;
  • sends prophetic dreams.

Rutile quartz will be useful for psychologists and psychotherapists: it allows you to better understand the motives and actions of people.

The stone has a favorable effect on the holders of creative professions, as it intensifies the susceptibility of the senses.

The healing properties of rutile quartz

Rutile quartz-hairy cares about the health of its owner:

  • has a positive effect on immunity;
  • increases the protective functions of the body;
  • contribute to a speedy recovery for respiratory diseases;
  • is a preventive tool against influenza and ARVI.

Use of rutile quartz in lithotherapy

The main application of rutile quartzin lithotherapy - the preparation of a special liquid for drinking and rubbing the skin. The ordinary water, in which this stone was kept for a long time, acquires useful properties.

Due to silica, the frequent use of liquid obtained by immersing quartz in a drink can help:

  • remove toxins from the body;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • overcome the feeling of fatigue.

And impregnations of rutile make quartz water an excellent antiseptic.

Outwardly this biologically active liquidUsed to give a fresh look to the skin. Quartz water has established itself as a wonderful helper in the fight against acne, premature wrinkles. It can also be useful in the treatment of hematomas. The mystical and healing properties of the stone reach their maximum provided that it is framed in gold.

Who is recommended to wear quartz with rutile impregnations?

There are no strict restrictions and prohibitions on the wearing of rutile quartz. It fits absolutely all people, any sign of the Zodiac, but works best if its owner is Taurus or Gemini.

rutile quartz hairworm
Recommended for use by those who wish:

  • find personal happiness;
  • find inner harmony;
  • reveal their creative potential;
  • strengthen intuition;
  • form a more optimistic view of the world.

It is useful to wear ornaments with rutile quartz to people who are vulnerable to lungs and bronchi, there is a tendency to frequent colds.

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