We study the calendar: the name day of girls in January

Spiritual development

All people love holidays. But they are especially pleasant when they congratulate one person. It is, of course, birthday and birthday - a holiday that in the countries of the post-Soviet space is also celebrated.

Name-day of girls in January

January names

Different tips are guided by parents,when they choose a name for their child. However, scientists can also recommend something. There are certain rules of how best to name a girl, if she was born in January. Since this is a very harsh winter month, to soften the fate of the baby a little, it is better for her to give a "warm" name. Examples are: Maria, Polina, Irina, Melanya, Ulyana, Nina, etc. But it is also good to give a name to your child and to the svyatkam, because it is believed that this way he will be closer to his guardian angel who will protect him.

First third of the month

Consider the name-day of the girls in January from the beginningmonth on the tenth day. On January 1st, Aglaida, a girl of simple character, lowly, gay and intelligent, celebrates her day. An important feature of her character is calmness and steadiness. The second of January belongs only to men, and the third - to Julia (a lady with a complex character, whose mood often changes) and Ulyana (stubborn but hardworking girl).

What follows the name-day of the girls in January? 4 The number is fixed for Anastasia, a girly girl positive in all senses: she is intelligent, and beautiful, and kind. People from Nastia get only the best. The fifth, seventh and ninth of January belong exclusively to men, and 6 to Claudia (a girl who is morbid, but calm in character, does not like to stand out from the collective), Evgenia (an intelligent and age-old personality, often stubborn and even stubborn somewhat wicked special) and Agafia.

On the eighth of January celebrate the birthday of Anfisa(obstinate, selfish lady) and Maria (the complete opposite of Anfisa: calm, gentle, kind girl). January 10 belongs to a lady with a fairly rare name of Dominic, which means "lady".

Name-day of girls in January 2014

The second third of January

What are the names of the girls in January?So, January 11 is the day of Varvara (a dreamer, however strong personality), Natalia (carefree jolly-hilarious girl) and Anna (the easy-going girl with a strong desire for beauty). On January 12, Maria, as well as Irina (an independent and determined lady), Theodora (often spoiled, however, a very capable girl) and Feodosiya, who possess such rare names, can celebrate their name day again. The 13th, 17th, and also the 19th and 20th of January belong exclusively to men. On the 14th the name-day Emilia celebrates, mostly a quiet girl, who, however, will never forgive an insult or humiliation. On January 15th, as well as the 3rd, Julia and Ulyana celebrate their day, and on the 16th - Irina. The eighteenth number is assigned to Yevgenia, Polina (a friendly and sympathetic girl) and Tatyana.

Name Day in January girls

The third part of the month

We next consider the name-day of the girls in January, andnamely the third part of the month. January 21 is the day of Vasilisa (fair and intolerant lady) and Inessa (a kind girl, who in time can get angry). Next, Antonina, an obedient girl, celebrates her birthday, however with a rather difficult character. The next two days, the 23rd and 24th, are reserved for men, and the 25th belongs completely to Tatiana, stubborn and domineering, leader by nature. January 26th is again a man's day, but the 27th is the birthday of Nina (the girl is self-respecting, but not evil) and Agnia (a principled and talented lady). What else is the name day of the girls in January (2014, in particular)? On the 28th, Elena celebrates her birthday, the girl is beautiful, kind, but stubborn. The 29th is the day of Neonily, the calculating, persevering and businesslike girl, 30 again Antonina, and the last day of January belongs to Maria, Theodosia and Oksana (an independent and slightly secretive girl). Here are listed all those who celebrate the name day in January (girls).

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