How to get rid of spoilage at home

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Many of modern people with the word "damage" or"The evil eye" will skeptically skim, because they do not believe in such a phenomenon. But you will agree, when the so-called "black band" begins in life, and everything literally falls out of hand, the association with something supernatural comes to mind by itself. Even the most notorious skeptics doubt the rational reasons for such failures. At the same time people start to think about how to get rid of spoilage. Let's try to answer this difficult question.

So, this article is intended, first of all,it is for those readers who really believe that the reason for the deterioration of their living situation is the damage caused by someone. If we consider this concept from a scientific point of view, then this is quite real, provided that a person sincerely believes in the fact of what happened. After all, thoughts, as is known, have the property of materializing. In addition, there is no evidence that the powerful message of negative energy of one person to another can not somehow affect his life.

What signs can be evidence of,that you have a mental impact? How to get rid of spoilage? Can I do this at home and on my own? We will answer all these questions in order.

Signs indicative of damage

  • You often see in a dream of deceased relatives who call you for themselves or warn of imminent danger. This is a direct indicator of what you are trying to negatively impact.
  • The so-called paranoia or the constant, unending sense of unreasonable anxiety, shadowing and danger.
  • Recently, they began to find outside the door of their apartment foreign objects, which should not be (feathers, earth, salt, garbage).
  • Sharp deterioration of health for unknown reasons.
  • Sharp weight loss.
  • Constant failures in personal and public life.
  • Imminent depression and thoughts of suicide.

If among these signs you have found something thatyou can apply to yourself, then the question of how to get rid of spoilage, most likely, already spinning in your head. For such a responsible business, it is best to find a real professional. But recently, too many charlatans have divorced, who are ready to promise to do anything, just to deprive you of money. Let's try to figure out how to get rid of spoilage at home. Believe me, this is quite realistic if you follow certain rules.

What will help to remove spoil on your own

  • Be sure to go through the rite of baptism, if it was not done before.
  • Begin your day with the prayer of Our Father. Read it before you go to sleep.
  • It is desirable to keep posts.
  • Carefully check the contents of your pillows,mattresses and featherbeds. If you find any foreign objects in them, you must burn them, while reading the prayer of our Father. This applies even to those finds that are made of their metal and other refractory material. Do not throw them away and do not let the smoke from the fire fall on you.
  • Sometimes to understand how to get rid of spoiling, youhelp a thorough analysis of who exactly could wish you bad in life. In some cases, reconciliation with this person can weaken or at all eliminate the negative sent. After all, sometimes he himself may not realize that he mentally affects someone with a strong resentment or anger.
  • Always keep holy water at home.
  • Wear a cross. Remember that this is not a decoration. He must always be hidden from prying eyes under clothes, and also pre-consecrated in the church.

Finally, if you are looking for an answer to a question abouthow to get rid of spoilage and evil eye, then just try not to believe it. Inspire yourself that soon everything will be all right. Wait for only positive events. Sometimes this method allows you to eliminate all the consequences of damage caused by someone.

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