Beautiful name of Nastya. The meaning of a name for career and destiny

Spiritual development

Perhaps the most common in Russian fairy tales is the name of Nastya.

name is the value of the name
The meaning of the name (and translated from Greek itas "resurrected") is associated with such qualities as intelligence, cunning and kindness. At least, it was precisely these qualities that made the fabulous Nastenka. And what is the nature of the girl in real life?

First name is Nastya. Advantages and disadvantages

Nastenka grows smart, beautiful, kind andresponsive child, and eventually turns into a gentle and affectionate girl. Nastya is loved in the family, kindergarten, school. Co-workers also treat her differently. The fact is that since childhood, the baby is dreamy and absent-minded. She often forgets to clean toys with her, is not always collected at school. Kind and intelligent, but dreamy, responsive and obedient, but influenced by the mood - these contradictions are peculiar to girls named Nastya. The meaning of the name imposes a special imprint: even in adulthood the girl acts solely on the mood, and this does not really help in the work and sometimes causes the displeasure of colleagues. It is more suitable profession, connecting the creative beginning with communication. Nastya can be an excellent actress, a good singer, a teacher or a psychologist. Beautiful, refined, tender, with good taste, Nastya likes to surround herself with expensive elegant knick-knacks, flowers. Sometimes it is able to buy them to save on food. By the way, the girl is eating badly from her earliest childhood.

First name is Nastya. The meaning of the name and the seasons

compatibility name

Nastia, born at different times of the year,differ in character traits. Those born in the summer are more sociable and positive, responsive and easy to communicate. Spring - are prone to tears and sometimes excessively romantic. It is better for them to choose creative professions. Born in winter and autumn are better than others keep their emotions under control, analytically relate to life. It is from them that they receive excellent lawyers, scientific figures. To ensure a harmonious development for the girl, parents should consider: the compatibility of the Nastya Names with the patronymic can either harmonize the life of the girl or introduce dissonance into her. The name Anastasia best suits the patronymic Mikhailovna, Borisovna, Savelievna, Milanovna, Bogdanovna, Filippovna.

Nastya name pluses and minuses
As for the elect, the name of Nastya is most harmoniously combined with the names of Viktor, Oleg, Boris, Vladimir. But with Stas, Vitaly and Vadim find a common language will be more difficult.

First name is Nastya. The meaning of a name for the family

Trusting, with a subtle spiritual organization, Nastyavery suggestible. She chooses strong men as partners. The girl is so suggestive that she can take pity for the elect for love. This is often manipulated by men. She gets married early, quickly becomes an excellent wife, mother, mistress. No man, except her husband, is interested in her. She can perfectly organize life, create comfort and comfort. Usually almost immediately after marriage, the girl ceases to be interested in trinkets and often likes a good book or a useful and useful thing in the household.

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