Walking through the kingdom of Morpheus. Why dream of hair?

Spiritual development

Let's open the mystery and wander throughkingdom of Morpheus. How many interesting things there! But the most attractive thing is that everything seen in a dream, in reality, has some significance. After all, it's not just that somebody dreamed of something. Surprisingly, a very nice dream in real life can serve as a warning of danger, and terrible and unpleasant - to promise profits, luck and happiness.

Dreamed of a woman's hair

What does the hair look like?
Let's start with a pleasant one. So, you're wondering what the hair is about. And not alone. You saw them beautiful, smooth and silky, they are long and luxurious. Know, you are waited by a trip. And the voyage will be pleasant and full of positive emotions. If the trip is connected with work, then you will succeed, and upon your arrival home you can celebrate promotion. If at the moment in real life you do not have everything smoothly, then after such a dream everything will be fine. You should also focus on what the haircut is about. A dream interpreter interprets this as a trip or a trip that does not justify the hopes, the plans do not materialize. If a woman dreams of long braids - this is not a good sign. Hence, in the near future it is waiting for disappointment and deception. Perhaps, a loved one will betray. Also, long braids are interpreted as unfulfilled hopes. Bad, if you dream of tangled and uncrossed hair. For an unmarried woman, this leads to an unsuccessful marriage and an unhappy life. Married, it is worth paying attention to your soul mate and change the relationship for the better. Otherwise, the divorce and scandalous rupture of relations threaten. Do you know what the hair that grows alone on the skin area dreams of? To the fact that in the near future the woman will have a fan, whose courtship will be unpleasant to her and burdensome.

Hair dreamed a man

What does hair loss look like?
For men, the question "what does the hair dream about" dream bookprepared a completely different interpretation. In general, such a dream for the stronger sex is associated with social and material situation, career, health. If a man saw that his hair grows in a dream (on any part of the body, not only on his head), it is to wealth and winnings. If the hair is a lot on the chest, then it is healthy and full of energy, vital energy. But about what the dream of hair loss in a man, you can definitely not say. On the one hand, such a dream portends a calm and even life, without bursts and emotions. This interpretation has a dream, in the case of a slight fall out when combing. On the other hand, if all the hair fell out in an instant - it symbolizes the loss and turmoil, divorce and scandals in the family, disappointment and betrayal. Good value is interpreted by the dream book about what the hair dreams about, if a bald man suddenly has a head of hair. This is for new pleasant meetings, passionate love and new relationships. If in a dream he combed his hair and laid neatly, doing his hair, in reality, success is expected in all undertakings.

Sign of fate

What does a haircut dream about?
There is one more interpretation of what isdreams of hair. And it does not matter, sleeping male or female. If in a dream you saw a hair in your hand, know - this is a sign of fate. Quite a blurry interpretation? How to say! So, you are on the verge of a new life. What it will be depends only on you. Right now you are at a crossroads, and you are led by Ms Fate herself. When making decisions, think about it several times and calculate everything in advance. Believe me, one wrong decision, and fate will not be favorable to you. And then you can not even read what the hair is dreaming about, and do not remember the details of the dream. If you found a hair in your hand, remember, this is a fateful sign.

About everything and shortly

As you can see, the dream in which the sleeper saw hair,is interpreted in different ways. The picture itself is important, as well as gender differences. And only the hair in the hand has a single meaning for all. It's important to take this tip from Morpheus with all the attention.

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