Divination in the street is a way to find out the future or care for the past.

Spiritual development

In recent years, divination on the street has become very popular among modern youth. Young girls not only follow the advice of their great-grandmothers, but also come up with their own variants of fortune telling.

The most common and popular divination bystreet - it's "throwing a shoe" and "eavesdropping." The girl on certain days, most often on Christmas Eve, goes outside, takes off her boot - and throws it over the fence. If there is no fence, then you can just close your eyes or throw a left boot from the balcony. In which direction the boot will turn with its toe, the girl will marry in that direction. If the boot turns in the direction of the house, then there will be no wedding this year.

"Eavesdropping" is a very simple optionlearn your near future. It is enough to go to the intersection, call the first person we meet. It is believed that the name of the passer-by coincides with the name of the future life partner. In this case, the girl should pay attention to the appearance of the passer-by, and to his wardrobe, and to the friendliness of his friend. If the girl meets a woman, then the marriage is postponed for a year. True, modern youth has perfected this kind of fortune telling, so the girls do not go out to the crossroads, but to the favorite chat room - and ask the name there.

Divination on the street for the villagers differgreat variety. So, girls who live in private homes can go out on the street - and pull the first log from their barn. If it is smooth and even, then the husband will get complacent and kind. A log with knots and shapeless is considered an alarm signal, since the young lady will have to get along with a hard-nosed and captious spouse.

A good option for guessing on the street islight diving in the snow. The girl finds a desolate place not far from the house, exactly lies down in the snow with her back. In the morning they look at the patterns in the snow, which will predict the future. The uneven and crumpled print speaks of a grumpy and spiteful husband who will constantly reproach his wife. An even and neat trail on the snow guarantees the girl a happy marriage, which will bring a lot of joy.

Also, do not forget that there aredivination in the bath. The girls went into the bath one by one, turned their backs and listened to their sensations. If someone touched them with a shaggy, warm hand, then the marriage will be happy and rich. When the touch was cold, then happiness from the future of married life does not have to wait. Of course, such kinds of fortunetelling are gradually disappearing into the past, as the development of civilization makes its own adjustments even in such a primitive process. As a result, you can meet and online fortune telling, and predictions by phone number - and other original ways to look into the future.

Modern girls believe that the ancientthe methods of fortune-telling are too tiring, so they resort to the help of modern technologies. Many sites offer today both serious fortune-telling and comic versions. They help to have a good time, to open the veil of secrecy from their future. Just do not take all predictions too seriously, but you should take them simply as entertainment. Some advice can be listened to, but to adjust your whole life to the information received is stupid.

Divination by many is perceived as the most reliableway to know the future as an orientation. Only such an attitude can lead to a complete departure from the world of modern technology in the distant past. A person should follow the traditions of his ancestors, but this must be done wisely, carefully analyzing everything. Blank copying of ancient rituals and traditions can tear individuals away from society - and completely destroy their lives. In general, treat fortune-tellers with a fair amount of humor - and everything in your life will be fine.

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