Mirror dream interpretation and interpretation

Spiritual development

Many people believe that our dreams reflect ourthe inner world through the subconscious and can predict the future, thus trying to influence our actions in the real world. Often in a dream, the real world and not the real one are so closely intertwined that, waking up, you can not understand for a long time what kind of world you are in. Many believe in change by having a mirror in their dreams. The dream book is also inclined to echo the seen reflection.

Based on events related to reality anddream, created many books, fantasies in the art world, fantastic stories, novels and films. Dreams become a source of inspiration, help to make scientific discoveries, write poetry and music. Often a dream is so real that under his impression a person painfully tries to unravel the meaning and significance of what happened in a dream.

Dream Interpretations and the Projector of Reality

Dreams appeared, probably with sleep. Probably, the mankind has not yet learned to write, but there were already a couple of wrinkled grandmothers who explained what it means when a mirror appears in a dream. The dream book kept in the head or imagination - it's not important.

Historical data show that writtenthe sources have survived in the extant interpretations of dreams that begin with 5 books (Ὀνειροκριτικά) "Onykroritiki" by Artemidor Daldiansky, who presumably lived in the I century BC. Interpretation of dreams for him is a whole science, to which the author approaches without the slightest hint of irony, very seriously.

Since ancient times, the appearance of a mirror in a dream,the quality and content of the image, its entourage made sense for the one who took the dream, as well as for the one who was chattering it. What in a dream is to see a mirror. A dream interpreter interprets his appearance not always unequivocally, but all converge in one: it is to changes, changes in destiny, both personal and close.

What changes and changes promises a mirror to a dreamer

Symbolizing changes and changes in destiny, it is importantremember what a mirror saw in a dream. The dream book still insists that image quality, cloudy or clear, fun or sad, is also of great importance.

Quite a large part of the interpretation isposition, when in a dream you need to look in the mirror. The dream interpreter treats this procedure in different ways, seeing in it a ritual, which is more truthful, the more real the dream and the events happening in it. You see yourself in full growth and rich, well-dressed - for everything best in life, successful marriage and prosperity. See yourself, but not completely, and partly or with someone else's face - to change, and the person will tell what kind they will be.

However, if you know that in a dream you are looking for a mirror,but have not seen a reflection in it during sleep, so there are still many obstacles to achieving the goal. A prolonged period of failure is predicted even if the reflection in the mirror looks emaciated or sick. Such dreams are not good.

When the mirror beats in reality, the goodpromises. It is confirmed by a dream book. A cracked mirror in a dream also does not bode well for anything, at least, troubles and losses, as the dream book interprets dream. A broken mirror bears a warning about unfulfilled swords, a crash of hopes and disappointments. If you want to avoid them, draw a closed red circle on the mirror and throw it away.

The breeze of reality breeze - and the dream melted like a haze

The birth of the subconscious reflection of ourinner world seems to mirror most dream interpreters. Mirror in a dream is a world of looking through the mirror, where all future events, although distorted, but bear a shade of future changes in the fate of man. Looking closely at these fantastic and distorted images, a person with the insistence of a curious child tries to look into the world that is hidden from him by the wavering and vague dreaming.

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