Why dream of getting married: different opinions

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If suddenly you saw your own wedding in a dream, then, of course, you will be interested to know what it's like to marry. Next, we will try to answer this question with the help of various dream books.

what are you dreaming of getting married

Famous dream book of Freud argues that to get outmarried in a dream means that soon you will be presented with some unexpected surprise. You, in turn, should be very attentive to this event and try to guess what it means.

Miller's dream-book on the question of what he dreams aboutget married, responds that very soon you will find a way out of the difficult situation that has become the cause of your anxieties and worries. Also in this dream book you can find out what the proposal to get married is about. This dream means that very soon you will grow significantly in the eyes of a person who is able to influence your destiny and justify the trust you have shown.


According to the dream book of Vanga, when he saw his owncheerful wedding, you can safely expect an early invitation to a party from old friends. It is possible that it is here that you will meet your future husband. If you are just present in your dream at your wedding, which is not particularly fun, then most likely in the near future you will face a certain dilemma that will affect your future destiny.

If you ask the question about whatdreams to get married or to attend a wedding, to a family dream book, you can learn the following. If you were in a dream at a wedding or a wedding in a church, then illness and disappointment are possible. If you dreamed that you secretly got married, then in real life you need to behave more circumspectly, because something is threatening your reputation. If the guests at your wedding are dressed in black, then you are in for a failure in your family life. If in a dream you accept congratulations on the occasion of the wedding, then wait for the good news.

what does the offer to marry

When asked about what it's about getting married,A love dream book answers that people around you will appreciate your dignity. If your wedding in a dream was a secret, then maybe someone dissolves gossips about you that can harm your good name. If your parents do not approve of your marriage, in reality it can mean the refusal of relatives to support you in some important matter.

Now we learn about how to treat a wedding in a dreaman intimate dream book. If you dreamed of another's wedding, then most likely, you are expected to have a serious and frank conversation with your husband or lover about your former relationship. Since for men this topic is very painful, prepare in advance for the conversation, trying to build it as gently as possible. If in a dream you see your own wedding, then in reality it means the opposite: the relationship with your partner has come to a standstill. If you dreamed yourself in a wedding dress, then there are some serious problems or a long illness.

In the end, it's up to you to decide which of the dream interpreters to believe. But in any case, to such an important event as a wedding, even if you dreamed of it, you should take it very carefully.

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