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In this article, we will try to find out what the dream is about. Consider for this several options offered by different dream books.

The twentieth-century dreambook explains why he dreamswork, tied to the circumstances that occur in the dream. If the work in the soul and in the team is going well, it means that you will soon have success and spiritual recovery, and relationships with surrounding people will develop successfully. And to the contrary, if work is a burden or you lose it altogether, then your efforts are in vain.

Family Dream Book: work in a dream presages a well-deserved rest. Observing others for work means a lucky coincidence. Looking for a job - to a profitable enterprise, and loss of work presages the overcoming of difficulties, success in business and faith in oneself. Commit their activities to another person - to future troubles in the service.

The universal dream book interprets this dream with brief interpretations on which explanations are based, what the work looks for: expression of oneself, a means of subsistence, an obligation.

Why did people come up with this occupation - work? At a time when the whole world is at our feet, and we enjoy minutes of beauty, someone will certainly bring us an invoice and ask him to pay. It is very important that you perform in a dream - which kind of work. For example, if you operate a helicopter while actually working as an accountant, then you need to change something in real life, rather than look for the answer to the question - what does the helicopter dream about. Work is associated with our obligations, so it is necessary to draw a parallel with the duties performed in real life. In addition, our activities mean self-expression, a way of expressing oneself. If all of the above is relevant to your situation, you need to analyze the feelings that you experienced in the dream. They will help you choose the right direction in your professional activities. For example, if you are currently running a responsible project, and at night you dream that you are driving a helicopter - you do not need to think about what the helicopter is dreaming about. It is necessary to recreate the feelings that you experienced in a dream while piloting such a responsible technique. They, most likely, convey your attitude to the real project at work.

Miller's dream interpretation also explains why he dreamswork, starting from the circumstances of the dream. Hard work in a dream heralds a deserved success provided that you use all your energy to achieve the goal. Circumstances that promise you great hopes foretell a dream where you observe the work of other people. The job search foreshadows a great benefit, which will be obtained as a result of some unforeseen circumstances. The loss of the source of income in a dream informs you that you will show fearlessness in overcoming the future worldly difficulties. And your optimism, belief in your own strength and ability to work can only be envied. To delegate his work to a stranger in a dream - to future troubles in the service. Dreamed of a woman's dream that she began to work as a servant in strangers, heralds her in the near future a long and bleak work, which will take a long time and deprive a lot of pleasure.

If you look at the ancient Slavonic dream book, workalso does not bode well for anything. The modern dream book gives its answers to the question - what does the work dream about? So, if the hard work is dreaming - you will need a lot of energy to achieve the tasks set, if you observe the work of others, you will have interesting meetings and communication. If you are looking for a new job in a dream, you need to be more careful not to miss the opportunity to get rich quickly.

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