When marriages are made in heaven: the compatibility of the Aries and Sagittarius women

Spiritual development

Yes, if you believe that everything is preliminaryhappy marriages are made in heaven, and we just have to find our half on a sinful land, then a couple of Aries-Sagittarius can indeed be considered ideal or "sweet." Why? The stars explain everything to us.

Points of contact

compatibility of a male ram and a woman archer
What is the prognosis for the compatibility of the Aries male andwomen-Sagittarius? Let's just say, in 95% - positive and 5% - negative or in doubt. After all, even two people born almost in the same place, in one year, month, hour and minute, will still have different horoscopes, their own special traits and destinies. Therefore, the most experienced astrologer will not be able to guarantee the 100% result of any forecast. But let's return to our topic and analyze the compatibility of the Aries and Sagittarius women. There is much more in common between them than contradictions. First, both signs are fiery, bright, impulsive, emotional, open. This, of course, facilitates communication between them. Being so close, they perfectly understand each other, at times almost reading thoughts. It turns out that Aries and Sagittarius live on the same wave - and this is one of their main secrets. One sign harmoniously complements the other.

For example, ladies-Sagittarians are very romantic, theirattracts everything bright, beautiful, whether it be an exotic flower or specially arranged courtship. The compatibility of the Aries and Sagittarius women is based on the fact that such qualities are inherent in their knights. They are ready to read poetry to their ladies and sing serenades. Are ready to invite them to the round-the-world cruise or to present "one million scarlet roses". By the way, it is possible that the prototype of the artist from the song, the Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani was exactly Aries - he was very characteristic of this sign. What is the motivation for a happy community?

man aries woman strelets compatibility
Sagittarians are in constant spiritual search,are fond of many things - from new philosophical currents to knitting macrams or embroidery with beads. And Aries is not alien to such research. And for what would men of this sign did not undertake, they necessarily achieve success. Well, that's talented - that's all! Sagittarians appreciate and respect such people.

And, finally, the compatibility of the Aries male andThe Sagittarius woman is based on their immense cheerfulness and optimism. They are ready to overcome difficulties, firmly believing that at the end of the tunnel there will be light, and the sun will shine, and the earth will blossom, the rainbow will glitter, and the world will smile at them with the most iridescent, festive colors. Yes, and wit Aries captivates the lady-Sagittarius, and her charm and femininity will lead him into awe. Plus, decency, some selflessness, and sometimes even the sacrifice of the fairer sex, on the one hand, and hard work, even, say, labor enthusiasm for men, on the other, also provide a good basis for good cordial relations over the years.

"And a spark ran between them ..."

Studying the horoscope "man-Aries - a woman-Sagittarius,you can pay attention to another undoubted plus of their union. The intimate side of life, as a rule, plays an important role in the relationships of people. Not only the layout of astrologers, but also statistics, proven by practice, confirm: sex between our pair turns into a real art of pleasure and harmony of joy. After spending several hours together, Aries and Sagittarius understand: they are created for each other. And such a pull, such a rapid attraction will remain between them for many decades!

Underwater currents

horoscope man aries woman sagittarius
And what about those 5% who are knocked out of the generalranks? When the perfect tandem man-Aries ceases to be a woman-Sagittarius? Compatibility of them can be endangered if a couple likes to flirt on the side and turn heads to representatives of the opposite sex. Ladies-Sagittarians are extremely jealous, and even Aries, although they are "lambs" to wear on their heads, jewelry in the form of horns is not ready. This is the first stumbling block. The second is the fiery, fiery nature of both signs. If they start to argue, then they do not hurry to yield to one another. True, usually Aries wins, "presses" the opponent, because he is a spark, and Sagittarius is already ash (as indicated by astrology). Plus, both terribly obstinate, and sometimes selfish.

Of course, if two people who sincerely love each other, try to cope with themselves, learn to respect each other - no doubt, they will be happy.

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