Feng Shui wealth for your well-being

Spiritual development

Ancient Chinese art of feng shui claims thatour well-being depends on the energy state of our home zone. It should be noted that Feng Shui wealth is not so much material wealth as spiritual wealth. Therefore, if you are striving for inner growth and accumulation of spiritual goods, you need to pay attention to the wealth zone in your home.

Feng Shui Wealth

The energies of Qi and Sha

Every particle of our world, according to philosophyFeng Shui, is under the influence of Qi energy, which must move freely in space. This energy brings light and a sense of freedom, and it is she who is responsible for our peace and prosperity. The dark and cold energy of Sha is the complete opposite of the Qi energy. For an ideal balance of light and darkness, the energies of Qi and Sha must be in harmony.

Philosophy of Feng Shui

The world around us and the person himself representa large number of energy fields interacting with each other and with man. Therefore, depending on how correctly your space is used and organized, your material and spiritual well-being will depend. Interior items should be carefully chosen to meet the requirements of Feng Shui wealth. The energy of these things should work for you for good, not for harm.

Symbols of Wealth by Feng Shui

Symbols of monetary well-being

The main carriers of Qi energy, according to Feng Shui,are the wind and water. The wind does not allow the accumulation of Sha's dark energy, so it is important to understand the importance of regular airing of rooms. If we talk about the zone of Feng Shui wealth, then here prevails the elements of the wind. Therefore, windows should always open to meet the elements of air. The symbol of money, according to ancient Chinese doctrine, is water, so many talismans for the wealth zone have to do with it. For example, you can put in the room an aquarium, an image of a waterfall or a bowl of water. Symbols of wealth on Feng Shui should be reminiscent of abundance.

Basically, in order for the energy of a given start zonework, just simply rearrange the furniture. Take away wardrobes, cupboards, old furniture away from your wealth. It is worth noting that you do not need to use all the talismans at once, since the place in which many things are piled up will accumulate Sha energy and, accordingly, bring only harm.

The origins of Feng Shui wealth

God of Wealth of Feng Shui

The oldest teaching of Feng Shui helps us correctlyunderstand how the energy of the planet affects a person. This knowledge has been accumulating for a long time, they are necessary for the maintenance of a person during emotional experiences. The god of wealth of Feng Shui, Tua Pe Cong, must necessarily be in your home - he will bring you luck and improve your material condition. The translation of the word "feng shui" literally sounds like "wind-water". These are the two most important elements, which, as the Chinese believe, affect the life and destiny of man. The elements of wind and water fill us with Chi energy and give vitality. For wealth in our house, we need to take into account the interaction of these two elements when designing the interior.

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