Fortune-telling with ring

Spiritual development

Since ancient times, people used to divinationrings, believing in their magical power. After all, the ring personifies itself eternity - it also has neither a beginning nor an end. And in many beliefs, the celestial and earthly powers were connected in the central hole of the ring. Therefore, even with our ancestors, fortune-telling with the ring was considered one of the most faithful.

"Touched, open your face!"

One of the most famous is the divination by the water withring - was born in Persia. Mindful of how they like to adorn themselves with oriental people, this is not surprising. For this fortune telling, in principle, any ring, if only it was golden. Although many believe that it is optimal to ask for this purpose an engagement ring from a person who has been happily married for a long time and happily.

Before the fortune-telling, the ring follows wellpolish (the one from whom you lend this ornament, will also be grateful to you). A clean glass without any patterns and inscriptions is filled with water about three quarters. Ideally, if you take water not water, and natural - from a living source. Ring carefully immerse in the water in the center of the glass, with the verdict of "narrowed-ryazhenom", then gaze intently into the middle of the magic ring. After some time, the facial features of the future of your chosen one must appear in it. If it did not work out right away, do not worry, try guessing with the ring again, and when you see the coveted face, try to capture it in memory to learn from its thousands of people.

The ring moved - the feeling moved

Another guessing on the golden ring will allowchoose the most suitable suitor from several applicants. If you can not decide which of the young people around you are dearer and closer to you, you want to guess which one of them will have a happy life - trust the ring. You will need a piece of paper, on which you will write the names of potential suitors, a red thread and the wedding ring itself. Leaflets with names are displayed on the table with inscriptions downwards, after which a ring attached to the thread is brought to each of them on the outstretched hand. Above each leaf, the ring should be held for a while, and if it moved, it means that this guy should look more closely. And if the ring starts to walk with staggering - do not even doubt, the chosen one is found.

On the baptism do not yawn - for life his fortune

Epiphany fortune telling is the surest way forgirls "paint" their entire destiny. There are many ways, but guessing with a ring among all the Epiphany fortune-telling stands, perhaps, apart. It is painful it is universal.

Determine what will be the groom, will help a fewdifferent rings placed in a sieve or sieve with a groat. If a girl pulls out a handful of cereals in a handful of gold coins, there will be a groom from a rich family, silver from a simple, a copper from a poor one. A ring with a pebble will come in - and so will be the one with the "zest".

Give the ring the answer and how many children will leadyoung family. To do this, in a mug or a glass of water, lower the ring, and then put it to the frost. In the morning, the ice in the mug will tell everything: how many bumps will appear on it - there are so many sons, how many hollows are formed - so many daughters to wait. And if the water stiffens with a smooth smooth cloth - know, the childless family will remain.

Determine the sex of the child will help and such guessing withring: over the hand of the future mother slowly lowered the ring, suspended on a string. If the ring will describe the circles - most likely, a girl will be born, and will begin to swing a pendulum - it means it is worth waiting for her son.

By the way, Epiphany divination, as a rule,are held in the company, and the more girls participate in it - the more interesting the process and the more accurate the result. But the previously described fortune-telling with a ring on the taper, on the contrary, has strength in complete silence and away from prying eyes. The Sacrament in fact!

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