Diocese of Bryansk: history and activities

Spiritual development

The history of the Bryansk diocese begins inthe times of Kievan Rus. For the years of its existence, it has made a great contribution to the development of Orthodoxy and the enhancement of the spiritual culture of our country. Churches and temples of the diocese regularly attend many parishioners. With the participation of clergymen, various spiritual and educational activities are held.


The Diocese of Bryansk was founded in the late 13th centuryrepresentatives of the Chernihiv clergy, who were forced to leave their native lands because of their ruin by the Tatars. About 100 years later these lands became part of the Lithuanian principality. After that, difficult times began in the diocese, as she refused to obey the metropolitan.

In the 15th century the Bryansk lands were again included in theRussia. Despite some contradictions, the diocese began to develop. New churches, temples, monasteries were built, enlightenment activity was conducted.

diocese of Bryansk

Centuries passed, during which the dioceseBryanskaya made a significant contribution to the development of the spirituality of the Russian lands. Much has been done to educate the parishioners. With many religious institutions, schools were opened, in which children of peasants and craftsmen learned to read and read, and regular services were held.

Uneasy times for the diocese came afterarrival in 1917 to the power of the Bolsheviks. Many religious institutions were closed, some of them were destroyed or adapted for any domestic needs. Priests were repressed, many of them were killed. Despite the fact that the diocese still existed, its activities were almost completely banned.


In the late 80-ies of the twentieth century beganthe gradual revival of not only Bryansk, but also other dioceses in the territory of the USSR. Temples of the Bryansk diocese began to be opened, their repair was carried out, regularly there were divine services.

history of the Bryansk diocese

The Diocese of Bryansk was officially recreated in1994 at a meeting of the Holy Synod. Its head was appointed Archbishop Melchizedek. The center of the diocese was the city of Bryansk. From this moment active work began on spiritual enlightenment of the inhabitants of the region.

Composition of the Diocese

The Bryansk diocese, whose address is: Bryansk, Pokrovskaya Gora, 5, is quite large. It includes 10 monasteries, of which 4 are women's, about 200 churches, more than 80 Sunday schools, there is own spiritual school.

Bryansk diocese address

The Diocese consists of 9 deaneries:

- Sevsky.

- Bryansk.

- Kletnyanskaya.

- Dyatkovo.

- Trubchevskaya.

- The Mllinsky.

- Klintsovskaya.

- Pochepskoy.

- Novozybkovsky.

In addition, there are many parishes. Monasticism began to revive more and more actively. There are many women and men who have decided to devote their lives to serving the Lord. Since the revival of the diocese, a lot of work has been done. Annually new churches and Sunday schools are opened, three new monastic monasteries are created, the restoration of the Sven monastery is being prepared.

Activities of the Diocese

The ecclesiastics of the diocese are activework among youth. They try to instill love for God from childhood and the need to follow the Christian commandments. For this purpose, priests attend various educational institutions, Sunday school students travel to holy places not only in the region, but also in other regions of Russia.

Work is being conducted with military personnel and prisoners. The priests regularly go to the part and the colony. Some are there all the time. Do not forget about the various state institutions, as well as patients, lonely and disadvantaged.

temples of Bryansk diocese

Annual religious processions werewhich are attended not only by clergymen and parishioners of the diocese, but also by many residents of the region. Priests participate in various events, which are attended not only by the leaders of the region, but also by the country. All this allows Orthodoxy to become stronger and constantly develop.

Diocese of Bryansk for the years of its existencehas made an invaluable contribution to the spiritual life not only of the region, but of the whole of Russia. Due to her daily painstaking activity, the number of parishioners is constantly increasing, more and more people are beginning to believe in God and visit the temples not only on great church holidays, but also on weekdays.

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