Day of the Angel of Sergey: holiday traditions

Spiritual development

Day of Angel Sergey is celebrated in the winter, in the spring,summer and autumn. The days of the Name Day (Angel Day) are determined according to the church calendar. These dates appear in it as days of remembrance of the saints and great martyrs named Sergei.

Namediny began to return to modern life not so long ago. Of course, in terms of their significance, they are inferior to the traditional birthday, although in Russia it was the other way round.

day of angel sergey

Let's find out how the Day of Angel Sergey (and all other birthday parties too) was celebrated in the old days, that they gave the birthday man what traditions of celebration, as well as the names of the name-day in the church calendar.

Meaning of the name

Not always even Sergei knows the origin and meaning of his name. It has Roman roots, it was considered a generic name, and in Latin it means "highly respected, high".

angel's day

The Mystery of the Name Day

In Russia, before the revolution, children were baptized on the 8th daylife. The name was given in accordance with the churchly Saints - from them they chose the name of that saint whose day of remembrance was next to the event of baptism.

The child now acquired a patron in the facea saint who was supposed to protect him from all worldly troubles, not only the body, but the soul, above all. It was also believed that he could be endowed with those sacred qualities that were inherent in his "high" defender.

day of angel sergey

Feast of the Name Day

Day of the Angel of Sergey was celebrated in the circle of relatives andclose, in a restrained, soulful atmosphere. Broad, noisy festivities were not suitable for name-days, since this day was intended to appeal to one's spirituality, the soul.

In addition, if the name-days were for the period of fasting, the dishes were prepared, proceeding from this. Name days, you
fallen on a weekday, were transferred to the nearest day off.

The main difference of the festive table was the loaf,which baked large sizes. He tried to give an unusual shape - an elongated rectangle, an oval, an octagon. The test on the surface of the pie was laid out the name of the originator of the celebration. It was a symbolic action, indicating the main "cause" of the holiday.

Day of the Angel of Sergey

The date of the name day depends on when Sergey was born. According to the church calendar, name days are for the following days and months:

  • in January: 15, 27;
  • in April: 2, 25;
  • in June: 1, 6;
  • in July: 11, 18;
  • in August: 25;
  • in September: 17, 24;
  • in October: 8, 11, 20, 23;
  • in November: 29;
  • in December: 11.

Here on such days Sergey celebrates his name-days.

Day of the Angel of Sergey: what to present and how to congratulate

Name day is a personal holiday, but not quitenormal. If you turn again to the old days, then the birthday boy was given everything that connects a person with God and the church - icons, scriptures, lamps, candles, religious literature.

In modern life, the holiday of name-day has almost lostits original meaning and acquired the status of a secular event. Of course, this applies to people whose lives are not related to religion and the church. Therefore, today you can give gifts to almost everyone, however, gifts are modest and designed to express attention and respect for the originator of the celebration.

It will be very pleasant for any birthday person, including all Sergey, to get a beautifully composed congratulation from the guests. For example, this:

"Dear Sergey!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of the Angel and your name-days!

I wish your Protector and Heavenly Patronalways protected you, protected from adversity, sorrows and deprivations. I wish you always be under His shadow, smile and enjoy life. Happy birthday, dear birthday, be safe and happy! "

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