Mysterious Amethyst: The Magic Properties of a Stone

Spiritual development

Start the story of a stone you want with his othertitles. In Greek it means "not intoxicated", "not drunk". And still, amethyst is popularly called a "widow" stone. This is due to the fact that one of its main purposes is to be a symbol of devotion and fidelity

amethyst magical properties of stone
amethyst stone properties like to wear

Amethyst: the magical properties of a stone in history

In very old times, when poisoning their ownenemies were commonplace, amethyst was used as an antidote. He served as a protection against alcoholic intoxication, as well as from the bites of poisonous insects and snakes. It was believed that amethyst dishes prevent the absorption of excessive doses of toxins into the body. Amethyst was used from biblical times, it was mentioned even by Moses. He called it only as a symbol of the Spirit of God.

Unsurpassed amethyst: the magic properties of quartz stone

Amethyst ornaments then everywheremet both in the palace chambers, and in the church havens. The stone was sent to the church paraphernalia by the highest clergymen. They believed that the amethyst sets man to chastity and piety, so he was often worn by bishops and cardinals. And the Empress Catherine the Great destroyed not one soul from those who, according to her orders, produced amethyst in the Ural mines. The magical properties of the stone were revered by esotericists, seers and sorcerers of all times. He is considered a powerful, from the point of view of energy, a mystical stone: he drives out evil spirits, sobering in a literal and figurative sense, brings good luck in business affairs, can "draw" wealth.

Amethyst. Magic properties of a stone for love and for the soul

Amethyst is indispensable for

green amethyst stone properties
I am those who are unrequitedly in love. And for those who suffer from a lost or past love stone, amethyst gives peace of mind, peace and prompt healing from heartaches. The violet color of the stone interacts with the higher chakra - Sahasrara, which enhances the energy protection of a person from damage and a "bad" eye. Amethyst balls are used for their purposes by visionaries and clairvoyants, and the stone as a whole helps to uncover supernatural abilities and possibilities.

Talisman is an amethyst-stone. Properties: how to wear and how to store.

Amethyst, which has such a strong magicalquality, good to keep in the house. And he should not lie in the caskets, but in the open. In this state, the stone cleans household items from the accumulations of negative energy, restores the aura. Amethyst is "shown" to people with a creative occupation, as it awakens hidden talents, promotes the arrival of inspiration, relieves nervous tension, unreasonable fears, unrest and other discomfort. Amethyst pendants, pendants, medallions are advised to wear at the level of the solar plexus. Then the stone will "show" its talisman abilities and protect the host from evil spells. In our time in jewelry, you can often find a green amethyst. A stone with such a color is found in nature or obtained in the process of incandescence at 500 degrees of ordinary amethyst. It is believed that the green amethyst stone, whose properties are similar to the properties of a purple stone, develops memory, logic, and creativity. His bearing brings prosperity, there are such qualities as optimism, sincerity, tranquility, sincerity.

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