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Very beautiful and gentle name Eugene - one of thethe most popular male names in Russia. And the most widespread it was in rural areas, rather than in urban areas. But the female form of the name (Eugene) has no such popularity. Why does the man have such success? What character does Evgeny have? The name, the origin of it and the meaning - that's what this article will be about. Let's try to find out how it affects the fate of a person, the choice of profession and life partner.

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Eugene. Name: Origin and meaning

In different countries it has its own pronunciation andcan sound like Eugene, Eugene, Owen, Eugenios, Eugen and even Ivaine. Despite such differences, all these names originated from the ancient Greek word eugenes, which in translation means "noble", or literally "with good genes." Subsequently, a male form was formed from the male name - Eugene. These names became widespread in Russia in the XIX century, when the nobles began to call their children the French name Eugene. It is believed that it was from him formed a short form - Zhenya.

Name Eugene: value

The origin of this name imposes on itowner of a kind of imprint, because his translation - "noble" - to much obliges. What are the character traits of this person? In childhood the boy is very active, but at the same time he knows how to restrain himself at the right time. He learns writing and reading early. He has a wonderful wit, a rich imagination. Eugene has good ability to study, he can be an excellent student if he does not get lazy. Especially well, the boy is given foreign languages ​​and compositions. Although he does not strive to become a leader, his classmates are drawn to him. With peers there are good relations, Zhenya is appreciated and respected for kindness and honesty.

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Eugene. Name: Origin and Characteristics

Zhenya is the person whose characterweakness and strength are combined. Outwardly, he may seem strong-willed and courageous, but conflicting feelings boil in his soul. Especially vividly stands out such a trait as stubbornness, and it can help him achieve considerable success. The only thing that can break it - these are obstacles that have arisen on the way. In search of the right way to overcome them, he is often lost. But if Eugene can take himself in hand, then overcome all the obstacles. Zhenya is quick-tempered, nervous, never reveals his true feelings, hiding them behind a showy indifference. He treats his relatives and close people very carefully and is always ready to help them.

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What does the male name Eugene in relations mean?

A man with that name falls in love very often,so it often fails. To create a family, the girl chooses, as a rule, pure and spiritual. In marriage is an exemplary husband and father, in every possible way avoids quarrels. He does not pretend to be a leader in family life and is ready to give this right to his wife. Strong alliance with Eugene is possible with Valentina, Anna, Daria, Valeria, Vera, Lyudmila, Ksenia.

Eugene. Name: origin and meaning in the professional sphere

This person is very hardworking and can achievegreat success in his career. Can take risks, and the situations in which he is forced to resort to risk, as a rule, he himself creates. Zhenya can commit irresponsible actions without thinking about the consequences they can lead to. The greatest success Eugene can achieve in the technical fields associated with electronics. For example, he will be an excellent researcher or engineer.

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