"Night" mineral: the magical properties of the moonstone

Spiritual development

Why did they call this stone lunar? Yes, everything is simple! He got his name for a very beautiful bluish-silver tint, which resembles a lunar shine. This shimmering light just fascinates the view and stirs the mind! And this is not in vain, because the night star has always attracted the curious gaze of people ... Long since this mineral was considered a magic talisman and amulet. There was a time when shamans decorated this stone with their staffs, in order to "charge" them with lunar energy at night.

Mineral has different properties. The magical properties of the moonstone make a person more gentle and soft, and the healing ones help to protect themselves from the bad influence of the moon. What is his magic?

magical properties of moonstone
Magical Properties of Moonstone

  1. First of all, moonstone is meant for creative people, because it can strengthen aesthetic feelings.
  2. This mineral is an excellent tool for attractinglove! For people already embraced by passion, the magical properties of the moonstone will help to better understand each other. If they have cooled to each other, then the stone will warn about it, tarnishing.
  3. Unbalanced and impulsive people will learn not to waste their energy to the right and left! The Moonstone will direct it in the right direction, noticeably cooling out anger and ardor, irritation and depressiveness.
  4. The magical properties of the moon stone help protect a person from energy vampires. If you talk with a mineral and thank him for help, then he is able to clean up the negative space!
  5. It is believed that the force of its influence multiplies many times during the full moon. A pebble well affects the heart activity, the spine and chest.
    where to find moonstone

Handle it carefully!

Moonstone loves gentle treatment of self,because it is a source of endless energy that can protect a person from adversity and misfortune. Ornaments in which this mineral is present must be stored strictly in the places reserved for them, which can save them from contact with other jewelry. Otherwise, scratches are formed on the stone. Remember that the mineral does not accept daylight, as well as direct sun rays (after all, it's the moon!). Store it in dark, cool and necessarily dry places.

moonstone price
Where can I find it?

Today there are many places where to find moonstone- no problem. It is found both in our country and abroad. The most famous deposits of this magical mineral are Australia, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Sri Lanka and other countries. He is quite sensitive to various strokes, and if improperly handled, he loses his wonderful polishing. Therefore, its extraction requires accuracy and caution.

Attention, double!

A real moon stone has a double! This is another gem not of jewelry origin - ornamental gypsum. It is very similar to the original, because it has the same ebb as the moonstone, the price of which, naturally, differs noticeably from the "imitator" in the larger direction. So I want to say - beware of "fakes" of gypsum!

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