Dream interpretation: bat. Why does she dream?

Spiritual development

Most sources agree thatan unfavorable vision is the bat. What she dreams about will help determine the details and circumstances of sleep, but there are not so many good values.

The bat is dreaming of something

English dream book

Bat flying in a dream symbolizes enemies. If a person dreams about it during the day, then the threat is not great. When he sees her flight at night - the danger is very serious. For lovers, such a dream is a warning about the presence of a rival who, by his intrigues, hinders the couple's happiness in every possible way.

Esoteric dream book. Interpretation: what the bat dreams about

This dream speaks of strange forebodings, which should not be trusted.

Roma Dream Book

As a rule, a bat that hovers inair, is a dream that says that minor troubles and troubles will soon disappear. If she hangs her head down, then small difficulties can turn into serious problems.

French dream book

Usually a bat in a dream is a foreknowledgegrief, suffering and sorrow through the fault of people who are unfamiliar to the sleeper. To enter into a dream in marriage with her - to a successful marriage and a wonderful companion of life.

What does the bat dream about?

Dream interpreter Grishina: bat. Why dream?

This dream portends sadness, evil messages andall sorts of misfortunes. Another version of his interpretation is the participation of a person in a nightly orgy. When the sleeper in the twilight observes the flight of bats or feels that everything around him is filled with them, awakening in him the ability to clairvoyance. If they persecute the dreamer in darkness and stumble upon him, then such a dream speaks of the presence of fear of the present and the future, which prevents a person from fully living. When a lot of different bats glance out the window, the waking asleep will mentally touch the primordial chaos or something alien, foreign will invade his life. Sleeping animals are a symbol of the power of evil forces and darkness. If they crawl in a dream over a person's body, in real life he is obsessed with demons and moves to the abyss. This dream can also mean one's own vampirism.

Wanderer's Dreambook: bat. Why dream?

This dream bears in itself a negative and is the image of evil forces. In reality it can mean woes, disappointments, sorrows, bad deeds or someone's death.

The dream of Chou-gong

When a man dreams of bats in flight, in the wake of his secret affairs will be completed successfully.

The Dream of the Canaanite

Usually bats portend to the sleeper various troubles and vain alarms.

Bat in a dream

The American dream book

As a rule, the bat in the dream symbolizes the fear of the dreamer before the unknown.

Sonnik Miller

A bat in a dream portends a manawful fate. He is waiting for hardships, troubles, sorrows and sorrows. It is not excluded even the death of someone close to them. After this dream, the dreamer should especially beware of serious injuries. White bats unequivocally symbolize death. However, this dream is not a sentence, but a warning to a person so that he is extremely cautious, wary and polite.

East dream book: bat. Why dream?

This dream is an unfavorable sign. The sleeper needs to prepare for various difficulties, misfortunes and troubles that will fall upon him.

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