Will prayer help to attract money and good luck?

Spiritual development

The Church does not welcome the worship of the "goldencalf ». What kind of prayer can there be for attracting money, you ask. It is possible that this is the case. If there is only a greed in the soul, then the Lord will not help. But money is needed not only as an object of accumulation. Most often they are perceived as a means of obtaining happiness, building a full life. With such a request it is quite possible

prayer for raising money
hope for God's help.

Prayer for attracting money

In his appeal to the Lord, the ideathe need for funds to increase the joy on the planet. That is, do not put in the first place your ego (and its desire), but the light that through "gold" you are able to give the world. Before you go to the temple, think about how your prayer will be built. To attract money, you need not just chatter the words recommended by clergymen. They need to be felt, filled with a deep meaning, based on the belief that your abilities (joy, happiness, etc.) can fill with the light of those around you. Before asking for money, be sure to read the "Our Father", and then refer to St. Nicholas with his desire (problem). It is believed that prayer for attracting money Wonderworker works harder. But it is possible and with the Holy Virgin to consult in the Temple. It also helps everyone who wants to make peace

prayer for good luck
a little lighter.

Prayer for attracting luck

It is somewhat easier to ask the Lord not for materialblessings, and chances. Such treatment will not be regarded as a departure from the Church canons. For luck, it is also customary to apply to Nicholas the Wonder-worker, especially in the case when you have no chance at the attention of this capricious lady. If the matter is not so unlikely, then they pray to Saint Trifon. He patronizes those who create material values ​​for common joy. It is necessary to take into account that the Higher Powers help those who care less for their welfare. This is the only fact that explains why prayer does not always work. The Lord is kind to all, but especially loves people who try to appreciate His creation and illuminate it with their happiness!

prayer for attracting customers
Prayer for attracting customers

That people came to you with money, and leftwith the goods, there is an excellent tool: wish them well! Fill your morning prayer with a bright feeling of joy, share it with your potential clients, they will definitely come! There are special prayers for attracting customers. But it is advised to address the Saints in your own words. Read the "Our Father" before. The Lord's prayer needs to be remembered before asking Him with a request. So you confirm that you believe truly. Then it reads "The Holy Spirit". After this, arbitrarily ask the Most Holy Theotokos for help. Try with all your heart to explain that your goal is not enrichment, but the filling of the world created by God with joy! Complete your communion with the Higher Powers "The Song of the Blessed Virgin." If your thoughts are pure, without hidden cunning, then the Lord will certainly help you in diligence directed for the benefit of others!

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