Mantras are Slavic. Slavonic mantras how to read?

Spiritual development

Enlightened people have long considered sound and soundvibration by the way of action on the body, adjusting it to the desired mode. Also, such vibrations were considered a way of influencing reality. That is why they often used mantras in their practices. Mantra is a sequence of sounds that has a certain action and is a system of correspondences for influencing the body and reality, as well as their settings.

Many know that the mantras were wideare common in religions such as Judaism and Buddhism, but few know that the Slavs also had their mantras. In them, they also acted on reality, like Buddhists. It is difficult to say which mantras are considered the best, because they are all of the same nature and have their own specifics of the nation. So what kind of mantras to use is everyone's business.

How Mantras Work

Many people who practice reading mantras in theirlife to make changes, noticed the fact that both Tibetan and Indian or mantras of other countries sound somewhat similar in their sound. We can say that in ancient times there was only one language, which due to temperament, mentality and other factors was slightly distorted by each nation. This explains the difference in the sounding of certain words of the mantra.

Mantras Slavic were created, proceeding from the principlethe fact that everything in the world is based on sound vibrations, and those or other harmonies formed energetically charged vibrations. Such vibrations in turn triggered more global energy mechanisms that influenced the human body from which these vibrations emanate or on the surrounding reality as a whole.

Slavic mantras

The mantras used by the Slavs may bein some ways similar to Tibetan or Indian, but many will notice the difference between the mantras of different countries. However, it should be noted that the Slavic mantras, in the opinion of the people using them, create sound vibrations that are best suited for connection with the universe and higher beings, and therefore, can have the best effect on the body or reality in general.

mantras are Slavic

Please note that when reading the SlavonicMantras need to clearly understand what kind of result you want to achieve. This is because they have a clear specificity and no less clear direction. The most powerful force of influence and interest in people are the ancient Slavic mantras - agmas. It is about them that will be discussed.

What is agmy?

If we give a brief definition of such a concept,as agma - these are words that in their consonance and correct pronunciation have a clear influence on the reality and the organism of the person reading the mantra. It is worth taking into account the fact that these ancient Slavic mantras clearly differ among themselves. They differ in the types and modes of influence. For example, the Slavic mantra of power acts differently from the mantra of Zrogen, which has a healing effect. In the same way, the remaining mantras that the Slavs left to us are also divided among themselves.

Slavic mantras-agmas: how to read to achieve the result

When reading mantras, two things must be considered:this is the spirit and rules of pronunciation. Before reading any mantras Slavic, you need to clearly understand what you want to achieve and what you want to feel on yourself. As already mentioned above, each mantra of the Slavs has a clear impact on both the person and the reality that surrounds him.

Slavic mantras

That is why Slavic mantras are words,start up energy mechanisms, leading to some changes. Speaking of the mood when reading mantras, one should take into account the fact that they work when a person represents the forces that the mantra gives on a global scale, not narrowing in his perception to one thing. For example, when reading the Slavic mantras, in which the word "red" is present, it is worth imagining that beauty that is global and can not be described in words. The same goes for other words.

Pronunciation rules

How to correctly pronounce the words of the Slavic mantras, we show you the example of the most universal sound combinations.

Saying the mantra of the Vyshen, which also canhave the name Rod, it is worthwhile to understand that in it we turn to the highest being, which can be understood only in those moments when our consciousness is as pure as possible. The text of this mantra consists of those words - "Om Vishnava Namah".

Slavic mantras of agma

The first word is pronounced slightly slowly. In the second, it is important to emphasize the first and third vowels, and in the third, emphasize the second vowel. As a result, we will get such a consonance: "Oomm Vysysnavee Namaah."

Turning to nature itself with the help of Veles mantra,it is worthwhile to understand that nature is matter as a whole with all its laws, and not just water, birds and forests. Mantra Veles also consists of three words. Her text is "Om Veles Namaha". In the pronunciation of the second and third words, the emphasis is on the second vowel and the last two vowels respectively. The result of the correct placement of stresses will be the following combination of sounds: "Oomm Veleese Namaahaa."

Slavic power mantra

In the Slavic mantras one can also refer toother higher beings. For example, to Kupala, Svarog, Perun, Lada, Kryshenyu and Makoshi. When reading the mantra, the names of these higher powers should be pronounced as follows: Kupaala, Svarogoje, Peruuni, Laada, Kryshnaya, Makoshvaati.

Other mantras

In addition to the above mantras, the SlavsMany others used it, which had a somewhat less versatility than those in which the appeal went directly to the higher forces of the Slavs. Each of them has its impact on different areas of your life, changing them for the better.

Slavic mantra is alive

If you need the power to help strengthen and support the bonds of the family, and to strengthen the relationship with the wards of the family, you will help agma Radoga.

Attract success, climb the career ladder and correct the situation by combining the Slavic mantras together. These include Wear, Svyatoche, Varra, Vesya.

Protect against the negative impact of both people,so also the higher forces are not helped by one mantra of the Slavs. Mantras that have a protective effect, not only disperse the negative and dark energy, but also help to connect with spirits and talismans that protect your kind. To such agmam belong Zrozhden, Daro, Slavo, Svyatoche, Era and Gara.

The Slavic mantra of Drago, as well as the mantrasYasun, Zarga, Varra and Verga, helps to attract prosperity, give strength to start a new business that will succeed and even help to establish relationships with people of the opposite sex.


Along with the Slavs, it was usedmantras, which were called Zhiva. According to the beliefs, the secret of their name lies in the fact that they turned to the goddess Zhiva, who in the Slavs patronized everything that is alive. Like Slavic mantras, agmas, they are able to influence their reality and trigger certain mechanisms with their sound vibrations.

Slavic mantras of agma alive

The forces attracted by these mantras will helpreading them to restore health, program it for normal work. Slavic mantra Zhiva, whose words are directed to the strength of all life and life itself, will help restore mental balance, overcome illness and remove the negative impact of stress.

Additional influence of Zhiva

Mantras of Zhiva not only possess healing andbalancing abilities. The vibrations published during their reading have a much wider range of influence on man and on his reality. Often these mantras are able to awaken in a person additional opportunities that he previously did not know or could use when he was on the verge or in danger. A person who reads mantras becomes stronger and more enduring. It increases sensitivity, reaction improves.

The environment for reading

Mantras, like any other reference to the universeit is worth pursuing in a certain setting, which is also important in achieving the full and desired result. About the emotional mood was said above. Now we will discuss the room and appearance when reading the mantras left behind by our ancestors. Clothes and premises must be clean. The room in which you read the mantras of the Slavs is in some way a sacred place where there is no place for chaos. After all, the Slavic mantras are attraction to your life of the good and bright forces of the Universe, which will help you overcome all manifestations.

Slavic mantras of agma as read

It is also worth considering the time of day. It is best to read the circles of the Slavic mantra in the early morning or just before bedtime in the late evening. However, if you feel an urgent need, then you can read the magical chords and throughout the day. You can read them both about yourself, and in a whisper or out loud. The main thing is that your appeal to the higher forces be heard. Only then will the energy of the Universe fill your life and help change reality.


Our ancestors saw the essence of things, more relying ontheir sensations, than on rationalistic judgments. It is for this reason that they were able to leave to their descendants, that is, to us, such a broad spiritual heritage. No one will argue with the fact that mantras, as part of this heritage, are a powerful tool that, when properly handled, will not only help to change a person's life, but make it much better. After all, they can easily reach the very origins of the universe, and touch their vibrations to those forces that are unimaginable and not always accessible in the understanding. The main thing is to come up with the right mood, with a clear understanding of the result that we want to achieve, to clear our consciousness so that we can contact the universe and turn to its forces so that they turn their attention to us and help us reach new heights, reach harmony and know the true indescribable happiness.

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