Name for the girl in June according to the church calendar

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Tradition to give newborn children names onthe saints appeared in Russia with the adoption of the Orthodox faith. According to the church canons, the child is the creation of God, who, with the appearance of the baby, already defines the Guardian Angel for him. Parents can only name their child by the name of that Saint, whose day of memory the church honors on this date.

Names of girls born in June: from 1 to 6

Since there are more male names in the saints,than female, often happens that for the fascinated girl there is no suitable variant. Then you should look into the calendar for a few days ahead, and choose the name you like.

The church names of girls in June (from 1 to 6) are as follows:

1. Anastasia. In translation from the ancient Greek language, the name means "risen" or "returned to life." On this day, the church honors the memory of the holy martyr Anastasia, who accepted death, but did not renounce her faith in Jesus Christ.

2. Susanna (Sosanna). From the biblical language this name translates as "white lily".

3. Elena. On this day the church honors Queen Helen of Constantinople, the mother of Emperor Constantine. Around 330, during the excavations with her participation, the Life-Creating Cross was found, on which Christ was crucified. After death, was ranked among the saints of Equal-to-the-Apostles.

name for the girl in June
4. Sofia.

5. Euphrosyne, Mary.

6. Women's name-day on June 6 is not celebrated.

How to name a girl born on June 7-12

A girl named after the Saint, whose memory day is celebrated along with her birth, acquires a guardian angel who will always protect her and help her in her life's journey.

From the 7th to the 12th, there are such names for girls (June) according to the church calendar:

7. Women's name-day on June 7 are not celebrated.

8. Elena. On this day the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the martyr Helena, the daughter of the apostle Alpheus, who was stoned to death for the Christian faith.

9. Anastasia, Fedor.

10. Elena. Day of memory of Elena Diveevskaya (Manturova), who in 1825 became a novice of the Kazan community at the Diveevo convent in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

11. Mary, Faina, Theodosius. Day of remembrance of the righteous Mary of Ustyug and the Virgin Mary; righteous Faina.

12. Women's name-day on June 12 are not celebrated.

Name for the girl in June: from 13 to 18

The parents begin to choose the name for the baby even before the birth of her. If the term of the expected childbirth falls on the first month of the summer, they ask the question: "What girl's name (June) will suit?"

On the holy days of June 13 to 18, there are such names:

13. Christina. Day of Remembrance of the Martyr Christina of Nicomedia.

the names of girls born in June
14. Faith. In June, on the 14th, the Orthodox Church recalls the new-born Faith (Samsonov), who was numbered in 2000.

15. Mary, Uliana, Juliana. Day of memory of the martyr Juliana Vyazemskaya, Novotorzhskaya, the princess and martyr Maria, who suffered for the faith in Jesus Christ.

16. Women's name-day on this day is not celebrated. The name for the girl in June (the 18th) should be chosen from those that are represented in the calves in the next few days.

17. Maria, Marta, Martha, Sophia.

18. Women's name-day on June 18 is not celebrated.

Female names according to the church calendar from June 19 to June 24

From 19 to 24 June, the church calendar offers the following names:

19. Archelaus, Susanna (Sosanna), Thekla. For the faith in Jesus Christ and the healing of the sick martyrs they underwent severe torture in the Italian city of Salerno. After several days of bullying, they were beheaded.

20. Valeria (Kaleria), Zinaida, Maria, Kyriakiya (Kiriya). The Holy Martyrs Valerius, Zinaida, Kyriakia and Mary were residents of Caesarea (Palestine). During the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284-305) they were persecuted, and afterwards tortured for the Christian faith. Took a martyr's death.

names for girls June in the church calendar
21. Melania. Memorial Day of Melania the Elder - the grandmother of Melania Bethlehem, the Palestinian (January 13), which is accepted to pray in difficult births. Both saints became famous for their deeds in the name of Jesus Christ.

22. Marianne, Maria, Martha, Thekla. Maria Persian was truncated with a sword in 346 during the persecution of Christians by the ruler Sapor II.

23. Antonina. Memorial Day of Martyrs Antonina and the warrior of Alexander, who died martyr under the rule of Fist.

24. Maria. Day of Remembrance of the Holy Martyr Maria Pergamos.

The name for the girl in June, born from the 19th to the 24th, should be chosen from the options presented above. Then the patron saint will always be with her, protect her and guide her in life.

Church name for a girl born on June 25-30

25. Anna, Euphrosyne. Day of memory of the faithful princess Anna (in the monastic life of Euphrosyne) Kashinskaya.

26. Alexandra, Anna, Antonina, Pelageya. Memorial Day of the Monk Alexandra Diveevskaya (Melgunova); Reverend Anna Bithinskaya; the martyr Antonina of Nicaea, who was persecuted and tortured during the reign of Maximian; new-martyr Pelagia (Liquid).

church names of girls in June
27. Women's name-day on this day is not celebrated.

28. The name for the girl in June, born on the 28th, should be chosen from those presented on the following days.

29. Women's name-day on June 29 is not celebrated.

30. Pelageya. Day of Remembrance of the New Martyr Pelageya Balakireva.

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