Dream interpretation, explain to us: what does the blood from the nose dream about?

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Many of us seriously believe in the predictivethe nature of their dreams. Basically, of course, these are women. There are also those who call any dreams the constant projections of real events on our subconscious. In any case, both of them would do well to find out what the blood from the nose is dreaming about. Why this? Because this dream is recognized as one of the most popular.

what does the nose blood

Blood in a dream is considered a symbol of life, energy. This is the continuous movement of blood cells. Today's interpretation of "bloody" dreams is very ambiguous and even contradictory. Almost every interpreter offers some interpretation.


It should be noted that people with very richimagination and a saturated emotional world is not recommended to get involved in the interpretation of certain dreams. This can hurt them considerably, as they seriously begin to perceive any interpretation and strongly worry about this. Friends, samoyedstvo us to anything!

What does the nose blood dream about: Gustav Miller's dream book

  1. If you have nosebleed, prepare yourself for life's difficulties. You will face a difficult situation that will require from you a difficult and, importantly, immediate solution!
    the nose is bleeding
  2. If such a dream was seen by a young girl - herexpects a serious conversation with parents on their own behavior and lifestyle. You will have to prove to them that this choice is due to the power of the mind, not the will of emotions.
  3. Those who dream of blood from the nose in the caked,stale, grieving for someone. Friends like these bitter thoughts will not lead you to anything good. Get out of apathy, start to think sensibly, breathe life into yourself!
  4. To bosses such dreams promise the loss of power and trust on the part of subordinates.

What does the nose blood dream about: a dream book by Yevgeny Tsvetkov

  1. Did you see that your nose was bleeding? Expect any news from your relatives.
  2. If blood gushes from the nose - sadness and loneliness come.
  3. To see in a dream, like someone's nose is bleeding, to an unpleasant scandal or quarrel, which will be caused by your excessive egoism.
    in a dream dreams of blood
  4. Do you see that your clothes were very spattered with blood? You expect lack of money, bankruptcy, poverty.

What does the nose-blood dream about: Nostradamus's dream book

  1. If the nose bleeds due to an injury receivedyou in a fight, then listen to yourself. In reality you promise too much. You say vain words. Soon the credibility of you by friends or colleagues will be lost.
  2. You see that the blood has gone from someone else's nose,and not you? Be wary wary! There is a risk of becoming an involuntary accomplice or witness of an incident or even a crime. Sometimes this dream promises fast failures in the financial sphere of your life.
  3. What do you think, what does the color of blood in a dream mean?Dreaming of scarlet blood? Your family relations are under threat. The fault is another woman. Dreaming of red blood? Possible serious illness or death due to an accident. If the color of blood was unnatural for a person (yellow, green, blue, black) - expect unpleasant news.
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