Feng Shui talismans: we bring happiness, wealth, health to the house

Spiritual development

One of the most powerful and effective tools in theThe teachings of feng shui are various amulets and talismans. They are able to eliminate or weaken the influence of negative and positive energies, activate zones responsible for various life spheres. Let's try to understand what the feng shui talismans are, what these strange figures mean, and how to use them in the house so that happiness, prosperity and love will settle in it.

Talismans of Wealth

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Material well-being and stability are veryare important for a happy life of a person. In the teachings of the Feng Shui, the wealth sector is in the southeast. This sector is being activated with the use of figurines of animals and gods of Chinese mythology. The main character of this sector is Hottay, a wanderer bringing luck, wealth and joy. There are other talismans of feng shui, who are responsible for financial well-being. For example, the god Daikoku, scattering from a bag of grain of magic rice. Company Daikoku often makes Ebisu. Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire believe that this duo is able to create real financial miracles. An important role is played by the golden three-legged Toad with a coin clamped in the mouth. Plant it in a zone of wealth - and money will flow to you river. To the same group of talismans can be attributed and round Chinese coins with square slots in the middle.

Talismans of Love

For love and family happiness is responsible sectorBagua, located in the south-west of the room. Activate and strengthen the action of this zone can be paired figures, pictures. The talismans responsible for this sector often serve as twin fish or mandarin ducks. Other birds (egrets, cranes, swans) are also symbols of true love. Still according to the tradition of Feng Shui, there must be an image of the goddess Luna, the female patroness and the giver of conjugal happiness, in every house.

feng shui mascots

Feng Shui talismans for attracting health

In the east, there is a sector thathealth. The strongest talisman is a green dragon. In addition, dragon figurines protect the house from evil spirits. Another powerful amulet is a fresh peach. In the season, it is necessary to put peaches in a fruit vase and install it in the eastern part of the dwelling. And in the rest of the year, the role of ripe fruits can easily assume their images: pictures with peaches, photos of peach orchards. Chinese sages Lu-syn, Fu-hsing and Shu-hsing can also help save health and ward off the disease.

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Talismans of career

The traditional talisman of a career is a black turtle. Place it in your home or office, and things will go up the hill! Especially strong turtle, carrying on the back of three frogs.

Feng Shui talismans for exaggeration of wisdom

The north-eastern part of the house is responsible for knowledge,wisdom and memory. It should be placed suitable feng shui talismans. The best for this sector are crystals that will help wisdom to accumulate, and will reflect all hostile attacks.

Talismans of Fortune

Feng Shui is a whole system relating to all sphereslife. With the help of talismans you can draw positive emotions and changes for the better in your life. To do this, you can place talismans of luck in the dwelling: a bell on ribbons, natural stones, pyramids, crystals.

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