What will the dream book say: cabbage dreams of treason?

Spiritual development

You dreamed about cabbage, and you do not know whythis? Well, the dream, at least, strange. And the first thing that comes to mind in this case - makes itself felt seasonal vitamin deficiency. But before dramatically changing the usual diet, still worth a look in the dream book. It turns out that such a dream can not only inform about the unhealthy eating of the dreamer, but also have many other interpretations. It all depends on how and what kind of cabbage caught on in a dream and, of course, on what dream book you trust the interpretation of your sleep.

As the esoteric dream book says, cabbage dreamsto unsuccessful purchases, and here to plant it in a dream - to money. If you believe Aesop's dream book, cut cabbage and cook dishes out of it, then, in reality, be upset because of the actions of your children. If you cut a cabbage fork in a dream, you have to instruct your own offspring on the path of the true, well, and if you water the beds with cabbage - you are too indulgent to the tricks of children and you may soon lose your credibility. Cutting a stalk from a fork means that you have to fight the harmful habits of your child, but sleep also tells you that time has not yet been lost. And if in a dream a cabbage fork fell from his hands and rolled - the child moves away from you, and, not in the physical sense, but rather in the spiritual. Sleep tells you that you give him too little time, as a result of which advice and support he will hiccup from strangers.

In a different way, these dreams are interpreted by the modern femaledream book. Cabbage, seen in a dream, is an unkind omen. So, to see green cabbage - to infidelity of a spouse or treachery in love, to collect cabbage, to cut it off - to waste and excessive spending. But, according to the Roma dream book, cabbage, especially if you eat it in a dream is a sure sign of the approaching success, but to cut a salad out of it - to debts. The Ukrainian dream book foretold the cabbage who had dreamed of sleeping, and, of course, from the woman. According to the dreamer Tsvetaeva, see the cabbage to gossip. And if you look into the family dream book, cabbage, a dream of a young woman, predicts her soon marriage by calculation. Nevertheless, the marriage will be successful.

Most of the dream books are foretold to those who saw it in their dreamscabbage family troubles or problems with money. So, the oriental dream book predicts a dreamer of distrust and treason, and to him who cooks a cabbage fork in a dream is discord in the family. If you ask an English dream book, fresh cabbage dreams about the jealousy of a lover, and seeing how others cut a salad means that someone is trying to destroy your relationship. According to the same dream book, there is cabbage - to illness, loss and money loss. If you collect cabbage, you should be careful with spending. Sleep with cauliflower advises you to take responsibility for your duties more responsibly, otherwise in the near future you will invariably be reprimanded by your superiors. A woman such a dream can predict an early pregnancy.


As predicted by the dream book, cabbage can be sourto mean deception. Buying sauerkraut in the market - to surprises, and, more likely, to pleasant. There is a sauerkraut or sea kale in a dream - to trouble, but to prepare - for well-being in family life. In general, many dream interpretations treat sleep with sauerkraut as a harbinger of the disease. If the patient eats a sauerkraut in a dream, then on the contrary he expects a speedy recovery.

As you can see, the interpretation of the dream in which you sawcabbage, can be very different. Judging by the interpretations of different dream books, cabbage is one of the most unfavorable symbols. However, experts advise first of all to pay attention to the sensations that were present in the dream. So, if you were happy to harvest from cabbage beds in a dream, then only pleasant surprises await you.

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