The meaning of the name Damir and the characterization of its owner

Spiritual development

There are several versions as to what the origin of Damir's name is.

the origin of the name Damir
So, from Arabic it is translated as"Conscientious, honest" and "persevering." The Tatar significance of Damir is "mind" and "conscience". There is also the opinion of Academician MZ Zakiev, who suggested that the name Damir came from the variation of the name Timer (Dimer, Timur), which translates as "iron."

Slavic meaning of the name Damir

According to this version Damir is a shortened formDalimir (Dalimil, Dalemir), which is an education of two words: "gave" and "peace." The meaning of the name Damir stands for "give" and "famous, great." In the people, the second part of the name was perceived as "peace", that is, as "calmness" or "universe." Consequently, the Slavs translated this name as "giving peace", "bringing peace" and "founder of the universe." Also there is a version according to which to the Slavonic people this name passed from ancient Vikings from fairy tales, sagas and mythology. In Germanic-Scandinavian mythology, there is a narrative of a being called Imir. He was the first living creature, the violent giant, from whom the world was created. It is possible that the name Damir came from the name of Imir.

The third version is as follows: the meaning of Damir's name is of Soviet, revolutionary origin. According to this version, it is formed by shortening the phrases "Long live the world!" Or "Give the world revolution!".

Characteristics of the holder of the name Damir

the meaning of the name Damir

The meaning of the name completely coincides with the characterchild. From early childhood, boys with this name are very inquisitive, they are drawn to knowledge and are able to use them in practice. Damir loves animals: reads about them many books, knows how to educate them and how to feed them.

He tries to do everything himself, without resorting to eitherwhose help. He knows almost everything and takes everything very seriously. These qualities, he attracts his peers, which he manages, but does not manage. His friends are his supporters and associates. But Damir will never use them for their own purposes, will not abuse their trust. He has from childhood a managerial abilities and is able to interest and attract to one idea. This ability will not disappear with age, he will remain an excellent leader even when he grows up.

Damir is a determined, strong-willed man witha lot of different knowledge. He is a successful entrepreneur, a skilful leader and an excellent boss. In the work of his success, he easily climbs the career ladder and willingly helps to move on it and others.

Damir is an obedient son who does not trygrieving parents. He listens to their advice, but always acts in his own way. He is a good friend who never forgets his friends, is interested in their lives and tries to help them in every possible way.

damir value of the name

The family life of this man is a happy andsuccessful. His wife is a cheerful and energetic girl. In life she becomes his assistant. He values ​​independence and independence in it, becomes support and support for her. Damir is a family man and appreciates family life. He loves children, but does not engage in their upbringing, although he ensures that they receive a good education and spiritual development.

Damir likes free time to devote active leisure in nature: ski walks, fishing, hunting, etc.

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