I wonder what the kitten ginger is dreaming about?

Spiritual development

In a dream you can often see the most unexpected things:from yesterday's impressions to absolutely fantastic pictures of the future or the past. And sometimes very nice things can appear in it, but at the same time completely different from our life. For example, why does the kitten have a redhead and what does this amazing vision promise?

what the kitten ginger
In general, it is believed that, despite itssweetness and tenderness, purrs to any troubles and malfunctions. But what kind of problems these will be, dictates the suit of the animal itself, its behavior and size. The first interpretation of what the red-haired kitten dreams about seems at first glance quite pleasant. Such a dream means that soon you will meet a person with whom you will have a pleasant love relationship. He will be gentle with you and very attentive. But this connection will be very short, and the lover with a high probability will turn out to be windy and incorrect.

Mercy - that's what the kitten is ginger about,if in a dream you have sheltered and nursed him. So, it's time to give someone the feasible help. But if in a dream you let such a cat into your house, then this can mean trouble, somehow related to your children. And here's what the kitten looks like, a red-haired homemade, caressed and loved by you: your business affairs will go uphill, soon there will be good times for business meetings and further development.

what a lot of kittens dream about
For women, a red cat or cat in a dream is a signself-doubt. If you dreamed of a female, this means that subconsciously you are afraid of a more successful and brilliant rival in your affairs, both workers and personal. And if such an animal dreams without a tail, it means that you are afraid of losing your independence and think a lot about it.

Well, with one purr, it's understandable, and what's in dreamsa lot of kittens? Following the logic, all to the same trouble, only there will be many and small, insignificant. If in a dream the kittens behave calmly, sleep or purr, then the problems will not bring you much damage and, most likely, will bypass your house party. But active, playful babies mean that trouble will affect you for sure. Worst of all, if one of the kittens in your sleep scratches you - then trouble will touch you personally.

what does a redhead kitten
Another interpretation of what the kitten dreams aboutred, depends on whether you feed him or, on the contrary, drive. In the first case it means that it's time to act and realize your beginnings. If you drive a kitten, and it bites, you can be accused in the near future of greed and dishonesty, dissolving gossip and business unscrupulousness.

And the most recent interpretation concerns those who haveAt home there is such a purring miracle. Most likely, you just worry about your pet, think about its well-being and health. Or, perhaps, on the eve you spent a lot of time together with him, and he naturally came to you in a dream. Sometimes it is also a sign that you miss your cat. So do not be surprised if he met you in a dream, because seeing an expensive creature is always pleasant, and it promises only good.

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