Wards from evil eye and spoilage - small amulets, saving from great trouble

Spiritual development

The alternation of luck and trouble in life - a long timeall known fact. So, there are extremely prosperous periods, and it happens that all the misfortunes and misfortunes fall literally at once. Superstitious people explain these phenomena by the influence of otherworldly forces invisible to the average person. And it is worth noting, in some cases, in such justifications there is a fair amount of common sense and objectivity. However, most often the culprit of his troubles is the person himself.

What to do, such is the human nature - to seekcauses of trouble in someone or something, but not in yourself. For example, people who constantly complain about poverty and blame this evil fate, sometimes turn out to be ordinary lazy people. Or girls who ascribe themselves to the crown of celibacy are in reality so unbearable that no one can live with them simply. Therefore, the cause of trouble is, first and foremost, to look in yourself. You should look at your life from the outside, give yourself an objective assessment and try to at least something drastically change.

It happens that a person, without knowing it,attracts troubles and illnesses. This is due to accidentally escaping phrases or pessimistic thoughts. But thoughts and words are material. Negative, like a magnet, attracts misfortunes, and positive - good luck.

Other people's words and feelings of envy can alsodamage the invisible shell of man - the aura. As a result, all kinds of evil entities can easily harm and influence destiny. This phenomenon is called the evil eye. Often, the evil eye happens even unintentionally, and therefore it is not as strong as, for example, damage and patrimonial curses, induced intentionally by the black magician. But still the evil eye has a very negative effect on physical and mental health.

In order not to become a victim of an evil language, one should protect oneself, because it is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. And the wards can protect you from evil eye and spoilage.

The most loyal and effective amulet from the evil eyeand spoiling are the crosses, frankincense, small icons and other attributes of faith. It is very important that such things be illuminated in the church. Besides them, there are also spiritual, invisible protections from evil eye and spoilage, that is, prayers. There are many prayers aimed at protecting from evil forces. It is desirable to know at least a few of them and do not forget to reread each day.

But even if you do not know the special conspiracies,you can protect yourself with your own power of thought. To do this, relax and imagine yourself in a secure, closed from all sides of the room. Imagine that the outer walls of this room are hung with mirrors that reflect all the ills and misfortunes. Or, for example, imagine a strong shield around you that does not allow enemy arrows to injure you.

Washing with holy water also allows you to wash allsorrows and diseases. You can recruit such water on the night of the Epiphany (December 19). It is recommended to pour holy water into a small bubble and carry it always with you as a guard against spoilage.

Very strong effect is possessed by amulets against damageand evil eye, inherited. It can be any precious jewelry or amulets from evil eye and spoilage with carved on them runes. Such things can protect the whole family.

No less effective are amulets from the evil eyeand spoilage, made by hand. Most often the material for them is wood, stones and natural fabrics. For example, on Great Thursday or on Annunciation women from ancient times baked in the oven salt, which they then hid in a secluded place. They used it to prepare food for sick children, and also poured into a small bag and sewn to clothes from the wrong side.

Wards of evil eye and spoilage can be purchased inany souvenir shop. However, such things may prove to be inactive. If you still decide to buy an amulet, then it is recommended to give preference to stones that match your zodiac sign.

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