Is there compatibility between the male Aquarius and the Sagittarian woman?

Spiritual development

Freedom-loving by nature Aquarius and Sagittariusfind in each other all that they so need in life. They can be completely absorbed by the relationship, because they are very interesting and well together. The compatibility of the male Aquarius and the Sagittarius woman can be considered complete, both in friendship and in marriage.

Sagittarius in a man is looking for the opportunity to be himself, but at the same time retain some freedom. It is in Aquarius that she finds a haven for her soul,

compatibility of male Aquarius and Sagittarius woman
Because he gives her the opportunitychoose your own way. He will not insist and force, he can ask, express his opinion, but only in an easy form. Aquarius will not be upset if his woman wants to do otherwise, because he values ​​the individuality in people so much.

Compatibility of male Aquarius and Sagittariusoccurs even in the views. She, like him, prefers free time to spend with advantage. A woman is ready to go anywhere in search of adventure, as her man loves. And she will enjoy this pleasure. She easily enters the company of his friends, becoming one with them. And it will be interesting for her to discuss car novelties with him.

Sagittarius woman and Aquarius
Sagittarius is curious and resourceful. A woman with such a nature always aspires to knowledge, even if they are not useful to her in life. Aquarius is very appreciative, for him the mind of his chosen means a lot.

Sagittarius-woman and Aquarius-male cana long time to build only platonic relations. Officially, they will be considered a couple, but they will not show their feelings, especially to strangers. They both value freedom and do not hurry to burden themselves with obligations. Many in marriage even live separately to be able to independently decide their affairs. But the almost complete compatibility of the male Aquarius and the Sagittarius woman makes the pair extraordinary. Being at a great distance from each other, they will not change and betray. If they love, then for a long time. They are well together even on a moral level, when there is no opportunity to see each other.

Sagittarius and Aquarius in marriage behave as friends. They are happy to go together

horoscope woman archer man aquarius
on vacation and find themselves a joint entertainment. To pull a stick to their side, each of them will not, completely taking into account each other's opinion.

As for everyday life, here again compatibilitymale Aquarius and Sagittarius woman plays a role. The lady is a great housekeeper, keeping the house clean. But he does it purely out of his own motives, without compulsion of the spouse. Aquarius can not pay attention to the lack of food or dirt in the bathroom. Yes, he will not put things in order, but he will not condemn his beloved. A man does not like to force and force, giving the woman the opportunity to choose time for everyday life.

What else does the horoscope say?Woman Sagittarius, male Aquarius have full compatibility in an intimate life? They are well together and sexually. They will engage in "this", but more often they prefer the usual conversations. Spouses can solve a crossword puzzle or watch a documentary, which is much more entertaining for them than carnal pleasures.

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