1962: what animal does it represent in terms of the horoscope?

Spiritual development

Why are contemporaries only nowmyself, what was known millennia ago, will remain, perhaps, a mystery. But the current generation can appreciate how wise our ancestors were. Their knowledge is worthy of admiration and respect. According to Eastern wisdom, human life is cyclical. The 60-year period includes 12-year cycles, each year dedicated to a particular sacred animal.

The symbolic beast representscharacter of the year, and a person born under his protection. In this regard, 1962 is noteworthy. What kind of animal does he represent on a horoscope? What features does it have? Learn about this in detail.

1962 which animal on the horoscope

What is the horoscope in 1962?

This is the time of the Water Tiger. The adult population fully felt his influence by unexpected twists of Fate, because of which they had to change their plans overnight and give all their strength to solve problems according to new circumstances.

People from 1962, whose year of birth endowed themcuriosity, versatile interests, the desire to experiment, explore, learn new, insightful and intelligent, courageous and courageous. But sometimes, at the most crucial moment, the Water Tiger can lead to nerves, and then it unexpectedly for everyone and itself is retired from the "battlefield".

Water Tiger in society and in the family

Public life, which occurred in 1962according to the Eastern calendar, is ambiguous and even contradictory. At the same time, when the Water Tiger is friendly and easy to communicate with colleagues, friends and just acquaintances, in the family he shows his not the best character traits. This is the nature of the Tiger, whose birth time was on a difficult 1962 year.

1962 Eastern calendar

What animal on a horoscope it would be possibleto recommend for happiness and well-being in the family? Optimum partnership relations with the Water Tiger are combined with the Dog and the Horse. Accept union with the Pig or the Rabbit. But Goat, Rooster and Monkey should be avoided. These bonds will be for both heavy fetters. However, patience and self-confidence can change a lot.

Character of the cosmogram

According to the Lunar calendar, the Tiger correspondsthe third sign. Refers to the metallic elements, symbolizes the beginning of the Dan and the lower, non-social communication. It embodies the characteristics inherent in a foolproof cross.

The Water Tiger can be compared to the Twins,which in the birth chart the Sun and Mars occupy a particularly strong position. And the element of Water brings a good memory to the character of the holder of the radix. This creates an advantage in learning and the lack of preserving negative memories of the past days. However, the good Water Tiger also remembers for a long time.

what is the horoscope in 1962

When the Water Tiger appears in society, itsit is impossible not to notice. He also behaves quite sharply, demonstrating his own importance and independence from the environment. He is the leader by nature. And the burden is in his power. The tiger easily mastered the attention of the masses, able to ignite the universal cause and enthusiastically takes up everything new and interesting for him. And here it is important that the people who followed him could start to bring to the logical conclusion, but without his leader, because he quickly loses interest in the result. Routine and daily work is not for him.

The Tiger Man

Arrogant, keeps at a distance, admits toonly after repeated checks on devotion. Inaccessibility and coldness are explained by the need to hide internal complexes, vices and defenselessness. He does not tolerate criticism in his address. Reacts instantly. If this does not happen, then the Tiger simply does not betray their intentions. The offender will feel the consequences of his reckless step.


Aggressive, pretentious and expansive. He craves change, likes to make changes in lifestyle, is able to change partners like gloves. New impressions are vital to her. Despite such an unbridled temper, will be true to the beloved man, if he suits her. Otherwise, there will be no experience of the moral and ethical side of the matter. Such a woman will quickly find a replacement for a bored partner.

1962 year

Second nature

Those who are born in a remarkable 1962, whichan animal on a horoscope of the month or according to the Lunar calendar they would not represent, it is peculiar to easily and quickly make new acquaintances, especially with the right people. They are good at promoting new products on the market. They are mobile and easy to climb, they love short trips. They like to get a new education, especially like refresher courses. In addition, they are good drivers, postmen, librarians.

Born in the year of the Water Tiger

Only in 1962 (which animal, according to the horoscope, hepersonifies, we already said) could produce such super-personalities: Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Mikhail Krug, Alexander Dedyushko, Viktor Tsoi, Nikolai Fomenko, Igor Ugolnikov, Valery Todorovsky, Andrei Sokolov, Anrey Panin, Viktor Rakov, Igor Kornelyuk, Demi Moore , Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey and many others. In the article, do not list all.

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