1978 - the year of which animal in the eastern calendar? Earth Horse Characteristics

Spiritual development

Depending on which year was borna person manifests his character, emotionality, views are formed on life, some habits. According to the Eastern calendar, a certain animal reigns annually, people born under this sign adopt certain characteristics of their patron. When a conversation is about a horse, a picture of a handsome, proud, independent, self-respecting animal appears in front of his eyes. People born this year are exactly the same. The main features of their character are a quick reaction, independence, stubbornness, frequent changes in life priorities.

Elegant and fervent personality

1978 of which animal
1978 year on a horoscope belongs to the Earth Horse. In comparison with his brethren, this is the most calm and restrained being, distinguished by innate wisdom and talents. Like all Horses, she likes to be in the spotlight, chat with friends, attend recreational activities. She has an excellent taste, therefore representatives of this sign are always fashionably dressed. Earth Horse is a little secretive, it is hampered by uncertainty in its abilities. This is a convincing and clever speaker who will always put the opponent in place with the help of the facts.

The born financiers and skillful businessmengave the world the year 1978. What kind of animal can be compared with the speed of reaction with the Horse? Perhaps, no one can compete with this speed car from the eastern horoscope. People born this year, quickly make decisions, but can hesitate about their implementation in reality. Unlike their counterparts, they are not sprayed, but purposefully do one thing. This quality allows them to achieve great heights in life.

Relations with others

1978 year on a horoscope
Many people are interested in the question: "1978 - the year of an animal on a horoscope?" During this period one of the quietest, thoughtful and enterprising Horses was born. Usually this animal has a violent, indomitable temper, does not allow itself to impose someone's opinion. The Earth Horse is an exception, of course, it will act on its own, but will not refuse from the wise advice. She is unobtrusive and benevolent, therefore she gets a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Earth Horse is not a conflict, she prefers to solve all issues peacefully, so she has almost all friendly relations.

Career growth for people whose birthdate is 1978

What kind of animal can be compared with a horse bythe ability to come up with interesting ideas? Perhaps, with her can rival the goat, which is also a site for various inventions. People born in 1978 want to be leaders. Very often they play a double game, hiding their skills from others for the time being. The Earth Horse always focuses on one thing and brings it to the end, rather than rushes like its brethren, so she quickly climbs the career ladder and reaches unprecedented heights. Innate optimism, cheerful disposition, cheerfulness allow her to easily perceive difficulties. Conflicts and misunderstandings Earth Horse prefers to translate into a joke.

Family relationships

1978 year of an animal on a horoscope
Usually at a young age, horses tend toindependence and leave their parents' house very early, sometimes it happens roughly and with scandal. True, this does not always apply to people whose date of birth is 1978. What kind of animal can not be wound up in excessive impulsiveness and rudeness, so it's the Earth Horse. She is light and pleasant in communication, by nature reinsurer, so she will not without good reason break off any ties or acquaintances.

Before you have a family happiness, Horsesseveral times fall in love. They are very caring spouses and parents, because they do not feel sorry for their relatives. Earthen Horses reverently treat close people, their family is in the foreground. At the same time, they need freedom, they can not be controlled in any case.

Compatibility with other characters

1978 year which animal compatibility
With Tigers, Roosters, Goats, Dogs is bestEarth's Horses converge (1978). Which animal should they avoid? People born under the sign of the Horse can not always get along with Rats and Monkeys. The first are too picky, they are looking for consistency and reliability, and the latter are too curious, they stick their nose where not to go. Given that Horses need a personal space, do not tolerate interrogations, love freedom, they can not get along with Monkeys and Rats. And this despite the fact that among all the horses the most calm and friendly are precisely people whose date of birth is 1978.

What kind of animal compatibility with the horse canto please, it's the Snake. These two signs quickly find a common language and can even make friends. Also born in 1978 feel comfortable with the Pig, Rabbit, Dragon, other Horses. People born under this sign are attractive, intelligent, sociable, versatile, love travel, try to follow a figure, dress in fashion, so it's interesting and never boring with them. Earthen Horses are excellent friends, interlocutors, advisors, but they can not be pressured, something to impose. Freedom, independence, support - that's what this sign needs.

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