Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help: ask - and it will be given

Spiritual development

Almost all Christians know: if something goes wrong with you, or a series of failures has begun, you should always seek help from St. Nicholas. Prayer for Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most powerful, and the Holy One himself quickly responds to the call. Orthodox Christians celebrate December 19 as the day of St. Nicholas. Miracle-worker from ancient times is considered the patron of pilgrims, sailors, helps the poor and poor, blissful and unhappy.

Life of the Holy Hierarch
prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help

The whole life of Nicholas the Wonderworker servesproof that the blessed and the poor will be in heaven. The life path of the Holy confirms the truth of these words. He himself was in the middle of life a beggar, he did not have his own house. But even after the acceptance of the rank of bishop of Lycia, the saint took food once a day - in the evening.

Prayer for help in matters directed to SaintNicholas, used very often, because it is this saint - one of the most famous of God's servants. He was born in Patara, a town on the Maloasian Peninsula, in 258 AD. His parents had no children for a long time and prayed to the Lord to give them a child, while giving a vow that he would be consecrated to God. And they kept their word. Nikolai served the Lord God since childhood, constantly worked for his good, was in prayer, came to the aid of the suffering.

The Miracles of Prayer

prayer to the miracle-worker for help
When a saint traveled to the Holy Land, hepredicted a storm that threatens the ships with a wreck. He had a vision of the devil who entered the ship, but the saint with his prayers drove him away, pacified the storm and even resurrected a sailor who fell from the mast and was killed to death. Since then, prayer - a request for help from sailors and travelers - is addressed to St. Nicholas. Miracles a saint did during his lifetime. The most miracle transmitted from mouth to mouth is when he rescued three men unjustly convicted by the mayor.

Prayer for Nicholas the Wonderworker was alwaysvery effective. Even in ancient times, both the powerful and the poor addressed him for help. Thanks to the fact that the prayer to Nicholas the Miracle-Worker was given for help, the city of Myra was saved from severe famine. The saint helped the hermits to leave the captivity and from the dungeons. Now the relics of the saint are in Italy, in the small town of Bari. Pilgrims go to the old man's grave to thank for the miracle granted in life, or to ask for protection.

How to pray?

Orthodox Christians are oftenturn to Saint Nicholas for help in order to avoid trouble. Miraculous prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker helps a person dramatically change his destiny for the better. The body of the praying Christian seems to be receiving new forces, bringing cheerfulness and energy.

prayer request for help

To say a prayer and ask for help fromWonderworker, put the icon with his image on a clean table. Near the icon with the saint's face light the candle and begin the prayer. It is worth reading three times: the first time - loudly, in full voice, then the second time - in a half-whisper. Last, third, time, read to yourself. The prayer for Nicholas the Wonder-Worker is read daily for 40 days. If you accidentally or for some reason missed the day, start counting 40 days anew. The main thing is to believe in the power of prayer, and when a miracle happens in your life, Nikolai will become your main Saints for many years.

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