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Sleep is not just a way for usreplenish the strength of the body, but also a journey into the world of your own subconscious. Most of us do not attach importance to dreams, naively believing that they are just a projection of our imagination. Even if this is so, the imagination during sleep can tell us much more than during our daily activities.

Girls are most often concerned about what's what and whyis dreaming. The stripped hair in a dream is not just a fragment of our subconscious, but a real symbol that can tell about many events that await us on the path of life in the near future. Let's look at the most popular interpretations of this moment in its various variants.

what does sheer hair

Sleep can tell us a lot, but more oftenIn all, it is a projection of changes in his life that are inconspicuous to the eye of a person. The most popular way to solve this or that event, shown to us at night, is a dream book. Interpretation of dreams, to cut hair in which the woman herself falls, promises her disappointment in life, moral distress or even a physical illness, the development of which she allowed herself. If a man's hair is cut in a dream, then the subconscious mind warns him about loss of earnings, failures in business or personal matters. In the answers of the great hoaxers to the questions about what is dreaming, the cut hair takes a special place. Practically never such a dream does not bode well, but it's terrible too.

When a girl who has a luxurious head of hair, sees herself in a dream short-cropped, then it speaks of her loss, and, most likely, not material. And here

dream interpretation dream interpretation
long beautiful hair dreams either of wealth or of moral satisfaction with one's own existence.

Life is not at all like a dream, cutting hair from a hairdresser in which It is considered not an element of prestige, but frivolousburning your own time. However, not all dream interpretations of the event indicate something bad. For example, Maya Indians also explained what and what dreams. The curly hair, over which the hairdresser conjured in a dream, is interpreted by them as a successful proposal in a professional or personal way. The predictor of Miller tells us that a visit to a hairdresser dreams of success, before which a person has to defend his rights and compete with competitors.

Dream of cutting hair from a hairdresser

For the most part, in the interpretations of whatWhat is dreamed, shorn hair is an ambiguous factor. On the one hand, it can be to success, on the other - to disappointment. A person needs to be deeply imbued with the events with which the dream was permeated, remember the atmosphere reigning in him and the people present. So, if the dream left after itself a good impression, the moment of hair cutting in it can talk about changes for the better in the life of the person who saw it. If there is an obvious intrigue in the dream, in which several people are involved, or an outright quarrel, then cut hair, most likely, they say something not very good. In any case, you should not take all the interpretations literally and focus on them your attention.

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