Dreaming shit? We look in the dream book!

Spiritual development

Are you dreaming about shit? So that's great! After all, it is a symbol of money and material profit. And do not pay attention to the fact that such a strange dream precedes money, they still do not smell! So, let's go!

Sonnik Miller

Almost any dream in which you seehuman feces, means any benefit. In this case, in reality everything will depend not on your efforts, but on banal luck. If the dream is shit, it is logical to assume that the more you see it, the greater profit for you is planned.

dreaming shit

Sonnik Tsvetkova

There are also alternative interpretations to thisdreaming. To solve such a dream more accurately, it is necessary to pay attention to all the nuances of the dreamer. For example, a farmer manure is promised a lucrative harvest, and a city dweller - small pleasures. What else does the dream book of Tsvetkov foretell us?

  1. If you dream shit in a liquid form, then in real life be prepared for the fact that you will be discredited by a rumor of dubious character, deceived or betrayed.
  2. Dirty in your shit - to reveal some secret of your loved ones, which they carefully concealed from you.
  3. If you dream, how do you try to wash yourself offor wipe your own feces off your clothes, be attentive: in reality you can be bulldozed or blackmailed based on some of your secrets that you carefully concealed!

what is the dream of human shit

Dream Interpretation of Freud

What do you think, what is the dream of human shitin the interpretations of Uncle Freud? Perhaps you already guessed, because Freud, in his own manner, interprets any dreams. In particular, he argues that the feces that you see are nothing more than sexual pleasure from something uncommon, little-known. Another vivid example of Freudian interpretation: if you are dreaming of shit, in which you somehow managed to get smeared, you will have an unpleasant oral sex act!

Pelagia's dream interpretation

If you dream that you are looking for shit in your apartment, but can not find it - keep in mind that it is possible to invade private life (without your permission).

what does the shit feline dream about

Family dream book. Why dream of shit?

  1. The cat shit dreams of communicating with unpleasant people. You will have to be in a company of uninteresting interlocutors.
  2. If you for some reason rake out yourshit from the toilet - get ready for big financial losses! From your pocket, in the literal sense of the word, they will take out a lot of money. You can become poor.
  3. Slip on someone's shit in a dream - towarning. You urgently need to change your life guides, reconsider your views on these or those things: on politics, on religion, on relationships with other people. Otherwise, you will incur large and even irreparable losses!
  4. The dog shit dreams of meeting with former classmates. You will spend very much on this.
  5. If you see litter pigeons - get ready formeeting distant relatives. This is a positive dream, as they will offer you free of charge feasible financial assistance! After all, pigeons symbolize peace in the whole world!
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