Why does semen dream? We'll find out!

Spiritual development

Why does semen dream? Let's try to figure out what this vision can mean. There are many interpretations and meanings.


Sperm in the Spring Dream Book means future treason, according to the Summer - the inability to become pregnant.

If you look at an erotic dream book, then in itinterpretation depends on many factors. For example, there is an opinion that sperm in a dream is a symbol of something fertile, tips in solving the problems that have arisen.

where does the sperm

What does the sperm dream about during the outflow? This vision can be interpreted as follows: you begin to realize and understand something important. In this dream, it is worth paying attention to where the sperm is poured.

If ejaculation occurs quickly and aggressively, then in the future you will be ashamed of your behavior in the past, and if slowly - you will be accused of what you were doing.

Ejaculation occurred in a crowded place - this is a good sign, you will soon realize what was conceived into reality.

If in a dream you are faced with a problemimpossibility of ejaculation, then such a vision does not bring anything good. It means that there will be difficulties in finding new ideas, and it will be impossible to solve the current problematic situation.

Why does semen dream on bed linens? Such a vision means that you will become a participant in a conflict in which it will be very difficult to remain yourself.

Semen collection for analysis

If you sleep in a dream, then in real lifecircumstances force you to do things that you do not like. Surrendering it as a donor means that you have a futile future. Perhaps you do not know for sure what you want.

If you see jars filled with sperm, you will soon get acquainted with the person (this will happen by chance), which will greatly affect your destiny or completely change it radically.

How does she look?

Why dream of sperm, familiar in appearance?Such a vision indicates the unpretentious character of the dreamer. And what if the consistency or color is different from the usual, traditional kind of sperm? In this case, the vision means that the blood relative may have health problems.

Dirty with sperm

what does a sperm dream about a woman

If in a dream you get stained with sperm (in this case it is not important, whose), then you have to fight for the person of the opposite sex, to whom you are experiencing the strongest attraction.

Sleep for a woman

Why does a woman dream of sperm? If a girl sees her at the place of making love, then she is waiting for problems associated with all sorts of intrigues. Dreams of sperm on clothes - you will get into a delicate position.


Now you know what the sperm is dreaming about. As you can see, this vision can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, do not attach much importance to such dreams, but always be on the alert.

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