Dream Interpreter. Ring. What does the dream portend?

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Our dreams are capable of giving us information thatwith the correct interpretation can be used for their own purposes. It was for this purpose that a considerable number of dream books were written and written. In this article we will ask the dream book, the ring to what dreams and what can be expected further, what events in my life. In general, according to the dream book, the ring is a symbol of the circle of events, affection, fidelity.

Ring on a finger in a dream promises a girl a speedy marriageor a rather serious long-term relationship. If the girl is already married - that ring promises a quick addition to the family. But not every dream ring treats as a symbol of marriage and the coming recharge. Everything depends on the situation in the dream, what happens to the ring, what metal it is, what it looks like. For this purpose, a dream book was created, the interpretation of dreams. A ring matched not in size can promise disappointment in love, talk about the wrong choice of a life partner. A dream in which a woman puts a ring on a finger to a loved one, speaks of his loyalty and serious intentions. And if she sees in a dream that she is wearing a ring by an unknown person, then soon someone will help her solve a long-standing problem.

If you lost a ring in a dream, it canmean that envious people and gossips can harm your reputation. If you dream that the ring fell from your hand, and you can not find it - in real life you will have to face the discontent of friends and misunderstanding of relatives. Therefore, it is not necessary to ask unequivocally the dream book - what is the dream ring for? It is important to remember the situation in which you dreamed. If in a dream you get a ring as a gift - it promises a new serious romance.

The rings are seen not only by girls, but also by men. What does the dream book tell them? The ring bought by a guy in a dream, warns him that he has a serious rival. If a young man dreamed that he was putting on a beloved ring - in real life he would most likely have to talk to her about her frivolous behavior. The loss of the ring in a dream speaks of the loss of the trust of friends. If a guy receives a ring as a gift in a dream, then in his life he will meet with the long-awaited love. To give a ring to a wife in a dream - most likely in life there will be some renewal of hot marital relations. If the ring is given to him by his wife, it's worth to be more caring and attentive in life. Young people should remember that for them only the dream in which the ring is given to them is lost or is important.

But for today there is more than one dream book.The ring in each of them is treated almost identically, but it all depends on the situation and its type. The ring, for example, in the dream book of Dennis Lynn is a symbol of friendship, betrothal, marriage and eternal love. In the Russian Dream Book, the type of ring is considered in detail. If it is smooth, then it is for marriage, if with a large stone - to an unexpected acquaintance, if with small stones - to tears, if the ring is broken - to treason. According to the Roma dream book, if the ring in a dream is shiny and cheap, then you can suffer a slight malaise, and if the ring is expensive, rich - you are a physically strong person.

Also dream interpreters can interpret the dreamring according to the day of the week. If the dream was from Monday to Tuesday - it's a joy, if from Sunday to Monday - to find out the relationship with a loved one, and if from Friday to Saturday - then in marital affairs there will be quarrels and discord.

So before you look for the answer thatthen the dreamed ring, remember all the details of sleep, the day of the week and the shape of the ring. Only full information will help you to find the right interpretation of sleep. In addition, that you have information about what the ring means, it is important to rely on your intuition as well. Then the dream that has been dreamed will serve as a good clue.

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