Why dream of going by car: behind the wheel, on the road, with a man

Spiritual development

The feeling of movement in the car is causing uspleasant sensations. Ride in the car with a breeze - what could be better? Sometimes we see ourselves driving in a dream, and this raises a lot of questions. What does this dream portend? Perhaps the answer is obvious - a pleasant journey awaits us soon? Or is everything much foggy, and the trip symbolizes the emergence of new exciting relationships? In order to understand this, let's take an interest in the opinion of the famous commentators.

to dream about driving a car

Female dream book

This dream book has its own version of thewhich he dreams of riding by car. The authors believe that a trip in a dream promises a sleeper pleasant troubles in reality, which will surely change his life for the better. The main thing is to carefully drive the car, because a car crash in a dream entails the collapse of all plans and hopes for a dreamer. But if the clash in the dream is avoided, then, in reality, it will be possible to prevent a conflict situation.

Dream Medea

In this source, it is said that whatdreams of traveling by car, symbolizes the inner vitality of the sleeper. If he sees himself behind the wheel, it means that he can control his life independently. A trip in a taxi promises a person help, for which you will inevitably have to pay. Many women are interested in what they dream of riding a car with a man. It turns out that it all depends on who of you is behind the wheel. If a man drives a car, then you depend on him, and if on the contrary - he is from you. The most important thing - be careful while driving, even in a dream: a car crash promises serious problems for the sleeper in life.

to dream about driving a car

Erotic dream book

A peculiar interpretation of what I dream to goby car at the wheel, is published in this dream book. The vision predicts a sleeper's pleasant pastime in the company of a new nice friend. A sudden car crash at the same time means a break with a permanent partner. But the threat of collision, which successfully managed to avoid, bears a positive omen - you will surely be able to hide from the second half of your love adventures.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

But Tsvetkov does not agree with the previous source. And as to what he dreams of driving a car, he has a different opinion. To drive a car in a dream is to poverty, he believes. But to travel in the car as a passenger means to enter into marriage with someone or to have a serious personal relationship. In this case, it is better not to park in a dream - this symbolizes a rapid break of partners.

what do you dream of riding on a big car

Ukrainian dream book

The Ukrainian dream book interprets in its own wayThe vision in which the car appears. Its authors believe that the car symbolizes the news. Sit in it and do not get moving - unrealizable dreams. But to go by car - in reality to realize all your dreams. But the constant dangers on the road indicate that the sleeper is extremely self-confident, so he risks realizing big trouble in reality.

Spring dream book

Why dream of riding on a big car? In the spring dream book it is said that to be at the wheel of such a car - to win over all rivals. And the more the car, the more impressive will be your success. But to go in the back seat with a breeze - to exciting trips. A sleeping boldly can pack suitcases - he will have a long and fascinating way in the very near future.

Wanderer's Dreambook

In this dream book, the car is given a largevalue. Of course, it symbolizes the inner state of man! The motor of the machine is the heart of the dreamer, his energy, will, aspirations. Therefore it is important that in a dream in the car the engine worked smoothly, without failures and other troubles. Being behind the wheel itself means managing life independently, being closely connected with your destiny. The included lights in the car symbolize a momentous event in the life of a sleeper, for example, a wedding. And the old machine represents a return to previous affairs, aspirations and relationships.

what do you dream of traveling by car on the road

Sonnik Miller

This psychologist believed that the car in a dreamsymbolizes for the sleeper the luck and activity in the affairs. But as for what he dreams of going by car on the road, he gives gloomy predictions. In his opinion, driving a car means for the dreamer to face losses and illnesses in the future. A strong damage can be avoided, if in a dream to get out of the car in time. This heralds the speedy implementation of plans and deserved satisfaction.

Esoteric dream book

If you look into this dream book, you will find out thatwhich dreams of traveling by car, characterizes the aspirations of the sleeper. The authors of this book believe that driving a car in a dream means commanding subordinates in real life. And the more skillful the dreamer at the wheel, the more skilful leader he is in reality. If the sleeper is driving backwards, then in his leadership he is likened to his predecessors. But the trip on the old and broken car foreshadows pleasant changes in life - you will soon buy yourself a new car.

to dream about driving a car

Psychological dream book

A variety of interpretations regarding the car ina dream can surprise the most experienced interpreter. In a psychological dream book, for example, a car symbolizes progress, independence, life success and comfort. If the sleeper sees himself at the wheel, it means, in reality, he is moving steadily towards the cherished goal. Loss of control symbolizes minute weakness and annoying self-doubt. Therefore, hold on tightly to the "steering wheel" in the dream and do not lose your vigilance!

Сонник XXI века

It says that the car in a dream portendsa quick trip, a pleasant trip or a business trip. A large number of cars in the dream says that in reality a sleeper will receive a lot of dividends from his stormy activity. And if the dreamer sees himself at the wheel, then his happiness, well-being and new opportunities await him. If at the same time a fellow traveler is with him, then in reality he has a loyal ally. However, the dream book warns that it is not worth to get out of the car in a dream - this is to lose credibility and other troubles in business.

Now you know what it's like to drive a car. Remember that the above interpretations do not pretend to be completely reliable, they are just personal associations of authors. Perhaps they were visited by some insights, but this does not mean that they are directly related to you. Therefore, more often you listen to yourself and look for the answer in your own heart. And pleasant dreams for you!

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