Icon "Kazan Mother of God": history of acquisition and meaning

Spiritual development

The icon "Kazan Mother of God" is one of themost revered in Orthodoxy shrines. It is believed that the image has a miraculous power, namely heals the sick, brings success in business and happiness in family life. Celebration of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God takes place two days a year: July 21 and November 4. In the summer, the very phenomenon of this icon is celebrated, in autumn it is the liberation of Moscow and all of Russia from the invasion of the Poles in 1612.

icon of the Kazan Mother of God


In the distant 1552, Ivan the Terrible annexedRus Kazan Khanate, thereby freeing a large number of Russian people from slavery and captivity. Then followed the mass appeal of Muslims, as well as pagans, to Christianity. Converts were skeptical about the new religion, many of them in their souls remained adherents of old beliefs. Until one interesting event occurred. In 1579 a terrible fire collapsed on the city of Kazan, gradually destroying everything in its path. The misfortune did not pass by the house of the merchant Onuchin. Immediately after the fire of the little nine-year-old daughter of the merchant, a dream occurred: the Virgin Mary herself appeared to the girl and revealed to her that under the ruins of their habitation there is a wonderful image hidden beneath the earth by secret adherents of Christianity. The image was found. Ten years after finding this icon in the very place where it was found, a monastery was built for women in honor of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

celebration of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God

The icon "Kazan Mother of God" and its wonderfulthe appearance helped people strengthen their faith. Converted Christians, having learned about the phenomenon of a wonderful image, could believe with all their soul in God. In addition, before the icon the Mother of God is praying for the protection of her native land from the invaders. The icon "Kazan Mother of God" became a symbol of patronage of all Russia. Its acquisition on our land is not accidental: it is a sign that the Mother of God takes care of all Russian lands, including Kazan, and blesses newly converted Christians. The image also helps in solving all everyday problems.

icon of the Kazan Mother of God photo

The icon "Kazan Mother of God" will protect the child's sleep,will save him from evil visions. This image quality is associated with the history of its detection, because it was found with the help of a little girl. Numerous cases of healing from this image have long been glory all over the world. So, back in 1579, after the acquisition of this icon, Joseph was healed from it - a man who was blind for three years. They say that the icon heals blindness, not only physical, but also spiritual, which is much more important. Despite this statement, cases of curing are also known from other diseases.


In order to pray before this way,the icon "Kazan Mother of God" is needed. Photo - not the best option, it is wiser to purchase a small image in the church shop. Prayer can be used any, most importantly, that it comes from the heart and pronounced with true faith. However, there is also a special troparion and kontakion intended for reading before this icon.

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