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fortune telling on Indian maps

I must say that the standard Indian mapspractically do not differ from the usual deck of playing cards. There are 53 cards in the Indian deck: 4 suits from ace to two, and also Joker. By the way, according to many historians, Indians are also considered inventors of the numbers that we all use to this day. The images on Indian maps almost do not depart from the standards, with the difference that instead of the Joker the sacred hexagonal star representing the god Vishnu is depicted, and instead of the usual aces the images of the Indian sages-yogis are used. The simplest Indian divination on maps will require a deck of 37 cards - 4 suits from six to ace, as well as Joker.

First, the deck needs to be divided into 2 parts: one of them must contain only numbers, and the other - all maps with pictures, plus the Joker. Before you begin the divination on Indian maps, each deck needs to be mixed 9 times, and then each one is pulled out one card. At the same time, the Indian appeal to the sun god is pronounced: "Suhadukha surya jay," which means roughly the following: "God the Sun, light my destiny, happy or unhappy." As you can guess from the above, this fortune telling can be practiced only on a sunny day. A pair of cards that you pull out of both decks are the result of divination, and you should interpret it according to the specific values ​​indicated in the book.

Divination on Solitaire Indian Cards

Indian fortune telling is not limited to cardsonly simple traditional methods, it also includes various kinds of solitaires. Especially for this purpose Indian masters invented symbolic maps, which are strikingly different from the playing cards. Today, it's quite rare to see a person guessing with the help of real character cards, much more often you can meet this fortune-telling on the Internet. However, even in this case, you will be amazed at how accurate guessing can be on solitaire games. Indian maps show both the near future, and more distant events, and also inexplicably feel the state of mind of the fortune-teller.

Indian divination by cards

A deck of cards for layoutsolitaire, consists of 25 images. To begin with, all of them need to be arranged in 5 rows, each with 5 cards. Your task is to find half of the picture, turning the cards around its axis ,. In this case, they can not be changed by places, otherwise the divination does not work. Indian guessing on cards in the form of a solitaire can predict with astonishing accuracy the events that will occur in the next 2-3 months, but you can not use it too often, let alone several times in a row. The most accurate answer you get in the very 1 divination, and if you abuse the favor of the Indian gods, they can simply stop answering your questions.

You can guess what the success of a particularenterprise, for example, money. Thus, asking the question you are interested in, it is necessary to pay attention to the money cards, such as Chest, Camel, Wreath and others. However, Indian divination on maps does not always bring the expected result, sometimes the cards do not match. The reason for this may be an inaccurate or incorrectly asked question. In this case, the question should be rephrased and repeat the divination. When guessing on Indian maps, it is not enough to pay attention only to matched maps, the most accurate result you will get, considering also the cards surrounding the resulting drawing.

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