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Spiritual development

To unravel the meaning of a dreamnow is not so difficult. Many dream books have been published, new ideas are constantly being put forward. But how among the many interpretations to find the most correct? How to determine the best dream book? "Juno" - a site on which the content of many sources that have ever been engaged in decoding night images is collected. In practice, this is the most complete collection of interpretations.

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How is the modern dream book

Juno provides an opportunity to find an interpretationby the keyword. You just need to remember which of the images was the most important in the nightly adventure, and find it. Then you can try to decipher the additional characters. By tying everything together, you get the most detailed interpretation of your dream. In this case, you have the opportunity to learn how to decode this or that image by different authors.

Why it is better to use a detailed dream book

The "Juno" dream book has collected all possible knowledge inThe field of interpretation that has been accumulated by mankind for many years. The fact is that our subconscious mind works very peculiarly. It can combine historical and modern images. Determining their role in later life is not always possible from a single source, so Juno's dream interpretation recommends the interpretation of dreams using the most complete collection of authors, each of which has his own point of view. Moreover, the site is constantly replenished with new sources, so that the decoding becomes even more complete.

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And why do dreams at all?

The fact is that a fairly large part of life wespend on "inactive" activities. But it only seems to us that in a dream we do nothing. In fact, at this time we communicate with our Higher "I", which is able to tell us how to solve this or that problem. In addition, the unmanifest part of our personality knows perfectly well not only what has already happened to us, but also what remains to be done. During the night fellowship, our Higher component seeks to convey to the consciousness its knowledge. In order to decipher this "dispatch", a dream book is created.

"Juno" - convenience and modernity

Ideas and thoughts of different authors collected in oneplace, help communication of man with the Higher Forces. Each of the sources found in the collection looks at the interpretation of dreams at its own angle. The probability of not missing important information is formed by a variety of sources. The most incredible invention - the subconscious - you can understand using the dream book of Juno. 40 dreams or 200 - it does not matter. It includes seventy-five sources, using which a person can figure out the most incredible images that came to him at night.

dream book of a young man 40 dreams

Concepts of different authors

Dream can predict the fate of not onlya certain person, but the whole planet, Nostradamus thought. Who will see it is unknown. The most common person can get information vital to all living on the planet. But Freud followed a different point of view. For him, dreams are the unrealized potential of the sleeper. Most often it is based on erotic fantasies. Miller in his system of decoding laid the principle of the interconnection of phenomena, and Tsvetkov - the brightness of events. The collection of all these completely different concepts is designed to ensure the correct correct interpretation of each dream.

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