Dream Interpretation: What Bees Dreamed About

Spiritual development

Do you want to know what the bees dreamed of? This dream is very interesting. When you interpret it, you need to pay attention to the details and behavior of insects. It is on them that the correctness of the interpretation depends.

What bees dreamed of
Sonny Hasse

When a person sees bees in a dream, they await him awakeunpleasant news. To catch them is to organize things. Insect bite - to cash profit. If a person hears bees buzzing while working in a dream, he will have high hopes in his life. Swarming bees for farmers and peasants portend a good year, and for other people - losses. Kill insects - to losses and misfortunes.

Sonnik Miller: what the bees dreamed of

This dream foreshadows a benefit and a conclusionsuccessful transactions. For officers such an image is portended by a healthy environment, as well as disciplined personnel. To businessmen it promises increase in a turn. Parents of bees foreshadow joy for their children. If an insect stings a sleeper, one of his friends will harm him or insult him. When a dreamer swims in a dream a bee swarm, he will be in good health. A very favorable dream is that in which the swarm pursues the dreamer's child.

Sonnik Tsvetkov: what does the bee sting?

What does a bee's bite dream about?

This dream, as a rule, dreams of smallmoney, some important news and quick resolution of problems. If the bees just dream, and do not bite - to win. Kill them - unfortunately. The bee swarm is for losses.

French dream book: what bees dreamed of

This dream portends good luck and success in the financial sphere. If bees sit down on a sleeper - to a happy love. Kill them - to trouble.

Family Dream Book

If a person dreams working bees, waking it upwaiting for well-being and profit. To hear a buzz in a dream - to resentment or obstruction in deeds. The sting of a bee in a dream means that the enemies of the dreamer will harm him and cause severe pain. When insects sit on the head of a sleeper - this is to success in business. If they are buzzing, it is a dream-warning. Man should avoid crowding people, as he can suffer from the crowd or in it.

What a lot of bees dream about
Sometimes such dreams foreshadow death incrowded place. Kill or plant insects in the hive - to damage to the condition. If they brought a honey to the sleeping house, then well-being, great success and authority among the people await him. Why do many bees dream? This dream portends prosperity and well-being, if a person is not afraid of a bee swarm. If the sleeper is frightened, then he is in danger. Enemies want to undermine his well-being and deal with him himself.

English dream book: what bees dreamed of

This dream is a good sign. For a person it portends luck, successes and changes for the better. To rich people it promises respect and honor, and to the poor - well-being and prosperity. Loving and lonely this dream speaks of a happy marriage and a large friendly family in which the children will always take care of the old.

Indian dream book

For the villagers, bees in a dream foreshadow profit. For rich people, this dream means a loss. If insects carry honey to the house of the sleeping - this is to greatness, talent for eloquence and success in business.

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