How to protect yourself from spoilage and evil eye and protect yourself from curses?

Spiritual development

Corruption, evil eye and curse are pureenergy phenomena. What is what? All the negative energy that is expressed in bad thoughts on the part of your envious persons and enemies is a malefice. That is, unconscious mental effects, capable of harming the human body or fate. Corruption is deliberately causing harm to a person's health, his relatives, his home through special magical rites and conspiracies.

How to protect yourself from damage and the evil eye
In addition, a bad speech deliveredman in the heart, it can easily turn out to be prophetic for the one to whom she was pronounced. This is a curse. In this article, we'll talk about how to protect ourselves from spoiling and evil eye, and also learn how not to "pick up" this or that curse.

Thought is a great magnet!

It is not for nothing that they say that a thought is a material thingessence. People who know how to protect themselves from spoiling, evil eye, curses, argue that you need to carefully monitor your speech, weighing every word, and also monitor your thoughts. After all, our judgments and thoughts, and especially the spoken words, have a direct impact on the current course of events and on ourselves. All that we think about, what we talk about, what we want to another - sooner or later is realized. Any our fear will attract the corresponding situation!

How to protect yourself from spoilage and evil eye (or curse)?

How to protect yourself from evil eye and spoilage

  1. Because the evil eye, corruption and curse - this isnegative emotions, thoughts and words directed at you, then you can protect yourself from them, if you do not think about all this and sincerely believe in yourself, in your strength!
  2. How to protect yourself from evil eye and spoilage, unintentionallyon themselves and induced? All the same! Do not allow evil and bad words, as well as unclean thoughts! Do not let the flow of negative information into yourself, because what you say and what you suffer from will really persecute you! Scientists-parapsychologists have found out that negative human thoughts are impregnated with hideous, prickly forms and dark, muddy shades.

How to protect yourself from spoilage and evil eye. Mirror

Many of us are forced to communicate with people who cause them dislike at the psychological level. What can be done to ward off mental attacks or the effects of black magic?

If your interlocutor is unpleasant to you, you feel,how the negative comes from it, then use the energy protection - an imaginary mirror reflecting all the negative flows of your interlocutor. To do this, relax, smile invisibly, wish happiness to your opponent mentally, take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then imagine a big mirror standing between you and him, and reflecting all the negative sent by the interlocutor in your direction.

How to protect yourself from the damage of the evil eye of curses

How to protect yourself from spoilage and evil eye. Capsule

This method protects well from negative and black magic. Do it every day, when you are alone at home.

  1. It is convenient to sit in a chair or in a warm bath.
  2. Unbutton all clothing that restricts movement, or completely undress.
  3. Relax completely your muscles.
  4. Take three breaths and exhale, and then calm your breathing.
  5. Feel the energy capsule green. You are in it. Feel comfort, security and coziness.
  6. Mentally bathe in the green rays, enjoying love and peace!
  7. Remember, this is your "cocoon". Repeat this procedure every day after waking up or before going to bed.
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