To make things right: a prayer for marriage and privacy

Spiritual development

Meet a decent person, start a family onthe basis of love and understanding - there are few women who would not have dreamed of such happiness. The Christian Church fully endorses this, supporting the desire of people to live not in a civil or guest marriage, but in the present, concluded for many years. Not without reason in the Bible the family is also called a church, only a small one. Therefore, it is not just possible - one should turn to the saints with prayers for help in such delicate matters. It's not shameful and not reprehensible!

Help in matters of the heart

prayer for marriage and privacy
In order for your prayer for marriage and personallife was heard, it should not be carried before the first icon that came to my eyes. For efficiency and effectiveness, it is necessary to know which saints patronize affairs with the heart, which images will be more effective. And, of course, never forget one of the main divine covenants: "According to your faith you will be given." It is best when the prayer for marriage and personal life is addressed to Andrew Primeval, Nicholas the Wonderworker, Friday Paraskeva, St. Catherine, Peter and Fevronya Muromsky, Serafim Sarovsky, Xenia of Petersburg. And there are special icons, also miraculous in terms of arrangement of family and marriage. It is well known to people of faith "Unfading color" and "Kozelshchanskaya."

How to properly conduct a ritual

praying to saints about marriage
Prayer for marriage and personal life, of course,can be pronounced by you in an impromptu, in a spiritual impulse. But it is better to prepare consciously for the ritual. "How exactly?" - you ask. See the lives of saints who will support you. Learn more about icons: who wrote them, when, in connection with what events. This will help you to better understand your own problem, to comprehend its nuances. And the choice of the saint, to which the prayer for marriage and private life will sound, will already be justified. After all, to ask for the inmost follows first of all those who are particularly trusted, to whom the heart will be more placed. A properly chosen petitioner before God is one of the main guarantees of success. And pray, pray with fervor, from the heart. Then you will be necessarily heard.

The rules of prayer

What they should be - the right prayerssacred about marriage? First, the place does not play a special role. The sacrament is performed at home, in the temple, and on pilgrimage. The main thing is your own personal mood. Buy the appropriate image, only for this are the church benches - all the objects there are consecrated. Order in the church your patron saint a moleben with an akathist, and if possible, attend it personally.

Catherine's prayer for marriage
Read the Akathists also at home, at least once ina week. And be sure to pray with faith regularly! Buy a special collection for this. It is called prayer. In it there is a prayer to Catherine about marriage, Saint Nicholas and other patrons of believers. Often go to the temples of God, in monasteries, especially where there is the power of your saint. Communicate. Thus prepare yourself for a meeting with the long-awaited suitor, whom the Lord and heavenly assistants will surely send you!

Be happy!

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